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Jigs Isky with me as always are Tyler Hollerbach and Matt Win. We've made it to September. Today's is Tuesday. September first NFL kickoff is just nine days away. You guys I wanted to ask you a question who is your favorite player doesn't have to be NFL to wear the number nine ooh, that's a tough one. Actually, you know what is not a tough one? It's a first person that comes to mind Meka. Koivu he is. A center for the Minnesota Wild, he's played his entire fifteen year career with the Minnesota wild always respect players echo out in play their entire career with the same team you have to love Meka quite know off ice issues standup guy the captain of the team. Big Fan. That's respectable. I. Like that Tyler would you got well I might be old but I'd never saw I never saw this guy played baseball, but it has to go to nine time sticking with the theme nine, nine time World Champ World Series Champ Joe Dimaggio share what baseball great their own way back way back you wore number nine he played baseball. So they played in nine innings was a nine time world new mind-blowing. He's also got the best hit streak in MLB history. If I'm not mistaken, it's like fifty six games you are correct. Is that what it is fifty six? Yeah. He's a Stud I like it tyler respect Jacob Oh you who's your favorite player that ever wore number nine mine would be the late. Great. Mayor Steve McNair I was titans fan growing up. So he was one of my favorite players. So Fair was Steve McNair hence that email address you sent us that one time that was some random titan fan boy six, nine, six, nine X. Okay. No, and I'm not about to give my actual email here. But yes, there is a titan in there and it's at hotmail. Okay. Yes. That would be why did you guys know that the titans were my high school mascot I did not fun fact sure mine was I don't eagles do not mine was? Do they even have mascots with? The Rangers. Sure. Oh. Do we have any overtime news? Today? We do. We have a little bit of over. Time. News. Our News today is all around running backs, some injuries and some optimism David Montgomery was injured in practice on Wednesday with a non contact injury right after the injury broke all of a sudden. On twitter thought they were expert talking about what was ultimately happening I'd heard everything from. Yell, torn MC L. TO SEASON Two people being optimistic saying he's going to be just fine I heard it was a paper the I'm sure that was thrown around the he tripped. But what ended up happening was it was a groin injury in well, it looks like he avoided the worst which was the torn ACL is a severe groin injury. I. Don't know how long it's going to keep them out but it sounds like he's GonNa miss some time. But at least he will not miss the whole twenty twenty season as initial fears kind of made. It sound to be X. by up that Tarik Cohen Stockholm Yeah Cohen Stock is going to go way up if Montgomery is out, they also might consider looking at someone like a Devante. Freeman who is still available in free agency so we'll have to see what ends up happening. They're moving on to the next running back injury. It also sounds pretty minor. It was Kenyan drake. Who was seen in a walking boot following practice? Are you guys worried with the season being nine days away with Kenyan? Drake being in a walking boot even though he tweeted out that it was precautionary yeah. Walking boots are never good. If says he's good. He's good believe in a guy invest engelman random. Yeah..

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