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Assist with re opening in Boston family concerns in Massachusetts mosquitoes with eastern equine encephalitis have been founded two communities. So far no no human cases Massachusetts courthouses were getting ready to expand public access next week, leaders from higher education institutions telling Congress the digital divide is the biggest issue they're facing from the Corona virus pandemic. There's a push by some doctors around the world to reclassify covert 19 ABC Sherry Preston tells US doctors claim it spreads much easier than first thought of the 200 scientists have written the World Health Organization asking it to acknowledge new findings that the novel Corona virus can spread through air particles that are much smaller than the respiratory droplets. We've been warned about Federation of American scientists, senior fellow doctor Eric Flag holding. This is why it's so important to focus on mass query. And improving ventilation. He says The findings could mean a higher risk of infection when people eat, work and congregate indoors. Sherry Preston ABC News in the coming days, the W. H O says it will address the emerging evidence on the risk of airborne transmission. Does Dr Maria van Kirk. Oh, we have been talking about the possibility of airborne transmission and aerosol transmission as one of the modes of transmission of covert 19. Thomas Wells, droplet. We've looked at phone mites. We look at fecal aural. We look at mother to child. We look at animal to human, of course, as well. The W. H O, also announcing today that across the world have been 11.4 million cases of covert 19 and more than 535,000 deaths. The New Hampshire state officials warning the second wave of Corona virus could be more severe than what has already been experienced. So far. The Granite State's had one of the lowest rates new cases, however, Commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services Lori she, Burnett says people should have anxiety about what could come next. U. S. Has recorded more than 300,000 new Corona virus cases so far in July alone, the new cases leading to a large increase in hospitalization. Almost 8700 Texans are in the hospital with Coben, 19 including single mom, Patty Peterson. Like someone stabbing you in your side. She's been in a critical care unit since last week. Everyone's like blown out of proportion. And Phil, you're the person lean and CCU. Who has no contact with anybody and You're helpless. In Texas. Hospitalizations have more than doubled in the last two weeks. Arizona hospitals are at 89% capacity and in Florida in the last two weeks, hospitalizations are up 40% of CBS's Chris Martinez. Some retailers across the country are delivering a message to state governors. They make everybody wear a face mask Peter King. The retailers request is about protecting customers and employees. They were there to help customers the best customers can do to help them where Brian Dodge heads the.

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