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Waiting for covert 19 vaccines to be developed now waiting for him to get to us, But you can do more than wait. You have powerful ways to help slow the spread right now and protect your family and loved ones too. Here's how watch your distance stay at least 6 ft. Away from folks you don't live with. It's risky to be indoors with him, too. And, of course, avoid crowds. Also wear a mask. CDC reports masks protect the people who wear him panned folks around him and wash your hands using soap and water for 20 seconds and do it frequently. Vaccines won't make covert go away overnight. They give us a real chance to finally overcome it. Aziz long as we keep watching our distance, wearing our masks and washing our hands learn more about vaccines at CDC dot gov slash coronavirus brought to you by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services. University of Maryland Global campus was established to bring a respected state university education to working adults at home and abroad. 70 years ago, we sent professors overseas to educate service members and their families on military installations and on the front lines today, we're online because that's where working adults need us. That's where you need us. We'll support your commitment to being a successful student, which services that fit your lifestyle. And we offer more than 90 programs and specializations for where you are and where you wanna be University. Maryland University College is now University of Maryland Global campus Way go the distance because times have changed, but what we're made for hasn't looking for a fresh start in the New year. University of Maryland Global Campus has been offering classes online for over 20 years. So we're ready to help you take the next step towards the career. You want applied by January, 31st and we'll waive your application feet. Classes Start soon visit you ngc dot TV you certified to operate in Virginia by chef Stadium seats may have been replaced with recliners tailgates outside the stadium may have been swapped for the ones in the backyard, and thousands of screaming fans have been replaced by one screaming baby. The only thing that hasn't changed is us watching the game together. It's game time, baby Watch together, cheer together, celebrate together,.

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