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Right yeah hold on we'll come back and talk about that i know you held us we chris i promise you'll be first up this is a very important question so many people wonder why do i have to sign personally when i have a business and they say but you still have to sign personally we'll talk about it and how do you build credit for that entity colorado tinnitus and hearing center supplied my hearing aids i was just telling in fact jack larson before the show you know what they do for me they fill in the gap when you can't hear well your brain starts to substitute sound and that's where people complain of tinnitus or humming or a ringing sometimes that ringing and humming from nerve damage sometimes it's from a lack of hearing what i like is i don't have to worry about where it's from i simply go to colorado tinnitus and hearing center and ask them to please please evaluate me and then give me what it takes to relieve the hearing loss or the ringing that's what you do too there's something new at colorado tinnitus and hearing center their new location thirty six o one south clarkson street thirty six so one south clarkson street clarkson and hamden call them and find out more because they're giving five hundred dollars off in celebration of their grand reopening five hundred dollars off digital hearing aids they also have a third audiologist yummy you always hear me talk about dr patty and dr lisa now now we have dr dagmar borsig so it's not so easy doesn't roll off the tongue does it dr patty dr lisa dr dagmar but what the heck she's a great person go see him three zero three five three four zero one six three three zero three five three four zero one six three i know you've heard of cosmetic dentistry but i want to go one better a more natural approach not used to cover up and talking about new orthodontics for adults at aurora orthodontics you're crooked teeth are caused by a number of things a narrow palate jaw or neuro muscular problems a birth defect or an injury or a combination of things and the great news here is that dr kent lawson has pioneer.

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