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Belfast, Two Pounds discussed on The Adam Carolla Show


Oh yeah avocados right when i tell you i'm joe down either green grass and back to you go back to the stadium remember tony he did the same thing and baria he's in la no is so you don't love pizza if you want just a crazed salad shooter of insane vegetable spread out all over the top of it now you may love pizza and love olives on your pizza or mushroom on your pizza maybe onion or in belfast but not just everything not an especially tomato tomato slices the pizzas already tomato sauce and these things get broadly and hot running just bleed out on top so you get the veggie lovers pizza which nobody loves and again if you love veggies you don't like pizza and if you love pizza you don't love veggie it serves no one then you go meet lover but you think if little meets good a lot of meats got to be great no because it's a salty mess because they first off they take the cheapest cuts of meat on the planet because they're selling you a pizza the size of a manhole cover for eight ninety nine with two pounds of beef and pork on the deal something something all right what they do is the pepperoni pepperoni the knock on pepperoni is it's too salty and that's why if you go to heavy on the pepperoni they do the ones where they go we lied him up we put him in inches but a bad of pepperoni you buy the pizza it's too salty they have to be spread out you gotta get the dough and the cheese ratio you have to have the ratio the whole pizza the whole concept of the pizza is really about the ratio it's the cheese to sauce to cross to topping the the meat lovers pizza is the pepperoni that then has a whole bunch of canadian bacon which is.

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