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Espinoza Madrigal says Lawyers for civil rights has a case pending over the 2016 fatal shooting of Turin's Coleman. Ah young black men with the disability who was killed while his mother was trying to get him the mental health care he needed. We've been waiting for police reform in Boston since even before George Fluids, murder and George It's murder, highlight the urgency of these reports. Regardless of what happens on Beacon Hill. He says groups like his will continue to take legal action on behalf of victims of police violence for public news service. I'm really bulky On New Year's Day, Oklahoma launched its centennial remembrance of the Tulsa Race Massacre and the award winning actor in Tulsa native Alfred Woodard and Republican Senator James Lankford Both delivered remarks via video to a small crowd that gathered at the John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park. Violence erupted May 31st and June 1st of 1921 when a white mob killed an estimated 300 African Americans and wounded 800 well burning and bombing 30 blocks of black owned businesses and homes in Tulsa. The area had been known as Black Wall Street. A renewed search for bodies last year found at least 12 and an unmarked mass grave and a Tulsa cemetery. Ah, commission has more centennial events planned throughout the year and Tulsa In Canada. 10 Correctional officials are facing a range of charges after the death of an indigenous man in custody there. Few public details about the incident which happened last year, Dan Carp in Chuck reports. It happened in ST John's Newfoundland at Her Majesty's Penitentiary Man involved a physical altercation after two prison guards. Went to the cell of 33 Year old in Jonathan Hyung Oak. Three of the guard's face a charge of manslaughter, seven face charges of criminal negligence causing death after the altercation in November of 2019 Enoch was taken to as segregated unit where he was pronounced dead. He had been in protective custody at the time of his death. The names of the guards have not been released. But there were eight men and two women and all had been in prison awaiting of first degree murder trial. He had been accused of killing an 88 year old woman in her home in Happy Valley. Goose Bay, Newfoundland in July of 2016. Lawyer, Bob Buckingham is representing an ox family. They're considering a civil suit over the death. Buckingham welcome the actions taken against the correctional officers, but he's also raising questions about what he calls special treatment given to the officers charged. Police did not include the officers identities when they were arrested or under what conditions they were released. Buckingham says. It's a boring that they've been released under police imposed conditions and that their names have not been made public. Buckingham has also been calling for a public inquiry into him. Jokes Death for national native News I'm damn carpet Chuck President elect Joe Biden's choice to be. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen collected more than $7 million in speaking fees in the last years from major financial firms and tech giants, including city Goldman Sachs and Google. That's according to financial disclosure forms filed this part of her nomination. Community groups will rally in Philadelphia next Monday, demanding that President elect Biden canceled all federal student loan debt and amount that exceeds $1.5. Trillion. Andrea Sears reports Student ID Community groups will rally outside President elect Joe Biden's Philadelphia headquarters on Monday to demand that he canceled all federal student debt on His first day in office. Organizes of the rallies say Philadelphia was instrumental in securing Biden's victory at the polls. Now, after months of unemployment brought on by the pandemic, many have to choose between paying their debts or keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table. Lauren Horner with the P A debt collective says canceling student debt would relieve some of the burden on people who have gone months without paychecks. Philly residents have much higher debt loads when average of over 37,000 And in many graduate and other major cities, especially are black and Brown borrowers fighting back legislation that would cancel the 1st $10,000 of federal student loan debt but has not supported a Democratic resolution urging him to eliminate more. That resolution, proposed by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York would cancel up to $50,000 of student debt per borrower. But Horner insists that still wouldn't be enough. You can't go off All of the debt. We're doing a much bigger and bolder statement, and it would keep $11.6 billion in the pockets of over 300,000 Philadelphia, where some particular nationally 45 million Americans owe more than $1.5. Trillion on student loans. Biden call's it questionable whether he'll have the executive power to cancel even $50,000 of student loan debt. Per Horner insists Congress gave that authority to the secretary of Education, a presidential appointee. Decades ago. Basically, with a sign of a pen, the $1.5 trillion of federal student loans can be canceled. But we're simply demanding that biting uses power that he already possesses. To push the forward student debt is one factor contributing to the racial wealth gap and that canceling it would help reduce wealth inequality. Or Keystone State News connection. I'm Andrea Sears. President Trump has vetoed a bill that would have gradually ended the use of large mesh drift Gill nets that air exclusively employed in federal waters off the coast of California. Trump said the bill would have increased reliance on imported seafood. The bill was sponsored by California Senator Dianne Feinstein and Republican West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito, Feinstein said Trump's speech Oh ensures that more whales, dolphins, sea turtles and other marine species will be needlessly killed. Thanks for joining us on the.

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