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Managing editor of decided outcome and chief in charge of fun for the same website decider dot com Alexander here's a show on HBO that I'm not familiar with what is I love you now di I love the title yeah this is a new documentary that's premiering I want to use a Tuesday night yes Tuesday night at eight PM on HBO it's a two part documentary and this is a true story about a girl to texted her girlfriend saying kill yourself and then he horrible yeah so absolutely horrible but it the line of true crime obsessions stories that have been going on lately there's somebody dramatic series somebody documentary Syrians one of our viewers Kayla cop checked it out the other night and said this is going to be our next obsession was saying that you're going to talk about what to find out more about the documentary is apparently played again it's over to parts Tuesday night and Wednesday night so if you are a fan of those sort of things definitely clear schedule because it's a fascinating awful case I want to know more about X. women that's an H. B. on again the title I love you know die now this next story is gonna be very tricky for me here is why I watch the view almost every day I love the view I know I'm not supposed to but I've watched it from the very beginning and I enjoy it but there's an entanglement with honor that I I cannot say are you allowed to tell Alexander what the entanglements they'll brings up that I was at the view once auditioning right when awful yeah and I am a little touchy about it yeah and he insists on trying to change knowing about it many wants to know why he thought I didn't do I did and I thought he did a great job I thought I did a great job I didn't and he insists on bringing it up I've known this man how long ago there go the view five years ago six years ago actually five and a half years ago in the summer right and you still I just want to make me smile yeah I know all right so we have I I bring that up because there's addition again there's a chance it may be brought back in the re thinking their moves because one of the members of the view may be leaving soon what can you tell us now there's a lot of back and forth with this as there always is on these sort of things because of course from the daily beast earlier on this week that apparently reportedly making McCain is tired of being on the view she's feeling like a quote and this wasn't what she said is what somebody one of their sourcing said feeling like a caged animal you and wants to leave she wants to get out of there it's just not working for any more now our reporter clear so weird actually contacted the view and got our own quote on it that ABC said no we fully expect everybody will be back for the next season of the year but as you guys probably know what these things any of these things could be true could be salary negotiations on making the cans card it could be sources you don't like or making things out of the daily beast is usually very trustworthy with these sort of things I don't have to see what happens on this one but certainly bigger McCain is in quiet for viewership on the view right now as well as just people writing and talking about her so I would expect if they can get her back will want to get her back I say it's very hard to be the voice of the right wing on the view because they they they can't it in such a way that it's usually it's three on one or four on one and it's it's not the easiest job in the world has to be exhausting it must be right she I would say on the flip side of things he is doing this for an hour an hour and a half weeks however long with you is yeah there is for a lot of money and that's what your job as a and I do you think about to pull back the curtain too much but it certainly right about that you almost every day your current decider I've got used to the idea that I think there's a little bit of acting going on there right you know they do you there okay with each other behind the scenes and put up a little bit for an hour you put on your stage voice you get angry about things yell back for instance you know what that's what it is but on the flip side like you were saying it's hard not to internalize these things sometimes and if the entire world is right around you and saying how could you be so stupid to say acts why did you say yes and just picking out constantly that becomes a chore as well as a taste of that once and once was enough for me were you one of you want to know that sun gonna did you just sort of fingered that's not a bad once because it was I what is she saying children in the United States will suffer and what I thought impossible now I let one of the things I like most about the show is the fact that they put people on a different opinions and many times they are duking it out I know you said she and some of the others most notably Troy bay are in sunny hasta and are okay off the air Alex but I don't think they like each other I get no feeling at all that they like or respect the children whatsoever and I'm okay with that I mean you don't listen so does I love all of my coworkers here they're also tastic but sometimes you don't like your co workers but you go with your job anyway right okay very very true right help us with something we discussed before you had on we lost already Johnson over the last couple days already a mainstay on the old rona Martin's laugh and I was trying to get for the point that is cutting edges that show was in the nineteen sixties when you watch clips of it now and there's a retrospect running right now on Netflix it just doesn't hold up do you agree with that or disagree with that yeah you just one of those things was very much of its time and certainly you can look at it in the span of comedy history and say well here's what was placed here's how large these careers here is how it further develop their careers but jokes aren't necessarily at the forefront of comedy right now yeah if anything we have anti humor we have things are working against jokes or it's more situational or more character based so that's something where people just come out and say jokes and that's it is not necessarily to return but it has its place and it was very important for the history of companies like I said I don't think you have certain at live if you don't have rona Martin's laugh in and and Lorne Michaels got his starters American start anyway I'm laughing as a writer so the the roots are pretty obvious maybe you just dislike documentary maybe although I've watch other episodes standalone episodes in the past and they just leave me so cold and I love that show years ago I thought it was hysterical when I'm tiny matured yeah I guess I guess Alexander thank you so much for spending time with us I hope you have a great rest of the week we'll talk to you again next Friday all right thank you we can sell them because the managing editor of decided that I'd like to apologize Michael was her for around town next to me and asked me if I was eating my power bar on the air and and yes the words and I'm so sorry what your schedule is such that the unit you have starving and have known that you've known before that around this time I get very angry yes and if I'm not brought candy yes I get really upset because you guys don't offer lunch here there's no law no one was because you wake up but you come in at night and ten right right when the shows star I had time I had a single fruit loop for the show I had one for looking you'll you work well hungry but yeah but not you not me and it was a level fifteen like like the whole they get very upset in there you bring the war started me during that web by design during the new owner stock bonus our grass in and died want to avoid that so I thought you would have to deal with it my vision we don't have the ability we don't have the ability so I'm sorry Natalie you were right I ate my power bar and now how do you feel you still hungry and angry or is better you feeling better now I was more things except listeners it was worth it yeah would you like some fun do no okay but if anyone wakes every time a near K. I will take a little break merry's hammer came in empty handed heart right one of our bosses came in with in you insist if you're gonna come in bring in a spec Frio along for all right let's take a little break free not anymore more after this bill in on in for an interview Jan the river we can see the river you can see that.

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