Wisconsin, Supreme Court, Jeff Cuba discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Okay Jeff Cuba city Wisconsin great to have you Sir hello they rushed us to park here a blue state finally one Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned the stay at home workers I saw that so I guess we're open for business until they can find a way to shut your down there already trying to say well those justices were all conservatives on that court as though somehow that disqualifies well yeah but they they also mandated that all future restrictions to well the virus must be approved by the registered legislature meanings lockdown shut downs that the the governor just can't do this right right unilaterally and a yeah and again fox this this is Wisconsin and it was a Supreme Court decision states Supreme Court with a majority conservative the vote it's a great teachable moment and it was it's a it's a check on not run away power look I I'm still the question about well people in the blue states revolved at some really valid quite will they revolt that their governors shutting down their livelihoods right revolt however you define it ballot box open up I don't know but it's going to be the thing to watch.

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