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Just a terrible television show. You're absolutely right. It's bad cable for the whole nation. We're not supposed to be this engaged with her government. They're supposed to just be doing their job while we live our lives and do our jobs. But look what's happened? It's terrible, isn't it? It is. It's terrible. I got so much stuff. I'm gonna try to get to it. All Iranians sneaking across the border polluting more without the Keystone XL, You know, good stuff. W M E L F M WOODBRIDGE, Washington Now more than ever depend on one or 5.9 FM W M A L. A cumulus station news now. W E Mail news at nine. Good morning, everyone I'm John Matthews knew this hour. 49,000 jobs were added to the economy in December in the unemployment rate ticked down to 6.3%. But the recovery still being dragged by one sector in particular, we're still down in that leisure and hospitality sector. They lost 61. 1000 jobs. That is after massive losses last month of 536,000 jobs in December. That sector alone is down 3.9 million jobs since February, or 22.9% retail also lost jobs. They had gains in December. So losing some of this holiday folks who were hired Fox business is Edward Lawrence. This nearly yearlong pandemic has exposed the shortcomings of Maryland unemployment system. We had constituents waiting for months for answers to the claims they were going weeks and weeks without being able to talk to a real laugh person about their issue. State delegate Derek Davis among a group of lawmakers pushing a package of measures to overhaul the state unemployment system, replacing debit card payments with paper checks or direct deposit, more funding for more call center staffers and better language access for non English speakers. New this hour. Prince George's Fire officials are investigating investigating an explosion this morning that blew the side off of a warehouse in Beltsville that was being used as a recycling center. Blast in the building on Summerset Avenue covered nearby vehicles in ash and soot, but fortunately no one was injured. The active fire inside the building has since been put out to neighboring school systems in Northern Virginia took different directions. Last night when it comes to reopening classrooms. The city of Alexandria announce steps to bring groups back and weekly waves starting March. 2nd Superintendent Gregory Hutchings says he's mindful of the health metrics. We're still in a higher.

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