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Murphy with the LA homeless services authority is helping to oversee. LA hop but this tool does is allows constituents to go ahead and put in a request and then we take away the guesswork of all of it so we're able to take that request. And assigned it to the most appropriate our each site is. Mobile friendly and available in Spanish Chinese and other. Languages Murphy says they expect to get a lot of requests it may take days for an outreach, team to be deployed and while there are more than five hundred outreach Workers. In the county there are an estimated forty thousand people living on the streets club, youth fescue KNX ten seventy NewsRadio a battle is raging in. Orange County over implementation of sex education that addresses the needs of LGBTQ students. A lot to teach the program went into effect in two. Thousand sixteen but it hasn't been implemented in some school districts yet Orange. County board of education member Ken Williams tells KNX emotions are. High good people from both sides everybody's demonizing them One another and you know we're trying. To hold ourselves out as professionals. And Colegio and trying to have a civil debate and discussion at a public board meetings and everybody's motion. About this subject material the board is set to hold a forum on, the issue in September but internally for the ACLU says it is deeply concerning that the. Law still hasn't been. Implemented two years after it was supposed to. Go into effect The California. Employment numbers remain strong even in the shadow of a trade war the unemployment rate in California. Right now four point two percent it's been that way for the past three months they job gain it self this month was modest. But I think we have to put it in the context we've now gained twenty two hundred and seventy thousand jobs over the year Markle Bernard goes the former head of the state's employment department he's concerned about what might happen to. This job market under the Donald Trump tariffs on, China I think there's no. Question that, the trade. War is the, main dynamic that can undermine this continued employment expansion in a trade war California farmer stand to suffer significantly as China targets that sector of the US economy in retaliation to. The Trump policies to Kelton kenniston seventy NewsRadio the effort by Democrats to. Recapture the house is fueling some, major fundraising here in California the fact that big money is pouring into campaigns isn't a surprise to you political absurd Servers what is the pricing is how big the money is according to the LA times five candidates looking to flip GOP seats in, California raise more than one, million dollars each and just three months Casey Dominguez is an associate political science professor at.

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