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All those lovely things. And I'm gonna let her tell her story because I think it's fascinating and fun and and have her. Tell us about the suit that she brought to the school just to make sure she was in France. Not in Paris, Illinois. Welcome to the show. Caroline. Thank you. Thank you, Tom. For having me. S Oh, yeah. My story is yes, I did fall in love with food in France. I went to college in Paris and then con culinary school in the French countryside in Burgundy at Lavera named Johnny moved the Chateau du Fey. Exactly. Yeah. Hey, and her cookbook, My Chateau kitchen. My pictures in it, so Oh, yeah, That's right. Oh, my goodness. I love to be among fellow love runners. Why didn't actually we rented her house and they were. I don't know what a dozen or 15 of us or something like that. Yes, And so we got to use all the kitchens while we were there. So it's such an amazing place. It was such a great place to go to school. So that was at the beginning of my food story. And then I went to work for Martha Stewart early on in my career, and then I like to build around. New York and for a long time and then I moved here on Gwen. I moved here. Unfortunately, I got sick kind of right away. Unfortunately, was diagnosed with brain cancer. Yeah, always fun, but always fun, too. But I'm here. So you know it ends. Okay, I'm here, you know. But so yeah, I got really sick. And when I was really sick people like strangers. We just moved here brought me soup. And it was just the sort of magical thing and the doctors gave me a year to live. And I'm like, three years out and cancer free and doing great. So congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. I guess I should say mfc. But so yeah, it's I'm feel like it's this magical substance. That's this elixir of life. And so I started this soup club here in town for my friends, just like making soup for people who made soup for me as sort of a thanks for my survival, and then I wrote this book. I'm super Club. And as also kind of a thanks to them and to share the soup love. That's very sweet. Very cool. Soup is one of those magical things it is. I've got to say I'm I came late to soup in my life to the real enjoyment of soup. It wasn't until I started eating that I fell in love with soup. Because first I don't know why. Because when I grew up, obviously I grew up in France. Every meal. Every meal, except in the summertime. Every meal started with soup. It's so lovely, just always soup. And then you have Ah, small artery and Noel. You know, Celadon. I don't know something else. But Definitely you start the mill with a super Andre was always something like there was always a pot on the fire. You know, like the soup was always like, or there was a big part. And then we had the same suit for 23 days in a row, you know, share And so, like, you know, Terry just so terrifying. So When you say soup are you saying like when your mom had beef bones on the pot? Did you just have broth in for your super? He was always a made soup. So the only time we had clear broth Lowell broth like that was when she would make tofu. And she would have a beautiful breath and we take that and she would bring that to a ball throwing some yummy chili in there. That was the suit. That would be the beginning of the of the dinner, But in most cases he was period vegetable or dice. You know, Big dies Vegetable, and that's what it was Whatever was in season and funny enough on my way to a radio show this morning, I talked to my mom. Every time I come to the rich and the She was cutting pumpkins. Pumpkins that she just get from a friend and making a super nice And she said in France now they have but not squash is hilarious to hear my mother say. I said, What is what is bitter nut and she goes. Oh, you know you have them in America, But now I know what it feels like to have an accent. So, Caroline, All your recipes are vegans they are. It was really interesting to hear you guys talk about vegan cheese, because, yeah, they're all vegan, and I'm actually not a vegan. But I did. When I was diagnosed, I started to eat really? Strangely for me as a food professional. I took on a very restricted diet, You know, given a year to live with two small Children you'll grasp at any straw. You can write exactly, Andi. You know it's in the column of Can't hurt could help, you know. So that's why I decided to do vegan soup is just it celebrates like the most restricted diet that I can think of, and it's naturally like gluten free and easy to make nut free. So it just felt like a very great challenge. And I think it's and so I love that you ate soup as part of, you know, a bigger meal. These soups. I was really challenging myself to make them like stews. And really hardy and I have this Soup club that I feed some some, like, you know, really athletic dads are in this group. And I'm like convincing them Tio eat, you know, really healthful, delicious seasonal plate of like a bull of vegetables and beans and, like high in protein that come from different places, So it just really It's like a very exciting fun challenge. So what was the most challenging part of doing vegan soup? I think it's that is squeezing in, you know, like Blake cool flavors. So I run the soup for like the club for like, nine months, and I don't repeat a soup and they're all original soups. Every week is different s. Oh, it's it's just the challenges is was in the beginning, coming up with those original recipes, but what I did was either studied..

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