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I guess I always thought nineteen sixty eight would be the most memorable year. My turn elicit career. The deaths of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, the invasion of Czechoslovakia, the democratic national convention in Chicago, of course, but nineteen Eighty-nine think about what we have witnessed this year on the joyful side of the ledger Tiananmen Square, the democracy movement is not yet dead. It may be on the run, but it is not yet dead. And then what has been going on in the communist world on both sides of this wall? Climax what has happened here tonight? The wall effectively has come down. And I mean, physically as well that's a chunk of the Berlin Wall men and women atop the wall tonight hammer and chisel taking it down symbolically because realistically, it has been taken down by the people in the last eight hours or so they are causing this wall east to west and west to east. They're being joined once again as one as freedom loving people. And no all can stand in their way. It's a nightmare. Remember? That was NBC's Tom Brokaw on this date twenty nine years ago. How amazing that that was a night that your father, and so many other people spent their entire life working for fighting for that freedom, the freeing of over one hundred million people, and parents fled Poland and Czechoslovakia in the mid nineteen thirties, and it wasn't until nineteen eighty nine that night on this day that some new people were freed up. So so let's talk really quickly. This news keeps coming at us. Every day. I get a call from some people. I know in Florida yesterday morning going this race is not over by the way. This Bill Nelson is picking up votes and make go ahead by the night. You actually had a full on freak out from Marco Rubio. Oh, who's going on Twitter saying he doesn't want all the votes? Counted? Basically Rick skies freaking out his freaking out, alleging unlawful behavior. It's crazy. It doesn't go. His you know, when I was part of the Republican effort back in two thousand our fight was to count all the votes. Right. See the Republican party, then we were fighting to make sure that all the military votes. Got counted. If you want to see where the Republican party is in two thousand eighteen eighteen years after we were fighting to count all the votes now, it's Marco Rubio and Donald Trump, and Rick Scott that are freaked out. Then actually Florida citizens may have their votes counted. That tells you about everything you need to know about Trump ISM and the Republican party. Also, Donald Trump spin about his big win. Not looking so good because every hour. That passes by it seems like more Republicans are losing more. Trump Republicans are losing their seats as they watched Willie. Joe the spin from Trump seems to continue over his what is clearly a humiliating loss on Tuesday..

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