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Eights and when it breaks David Gill, nine in the Double, D T OBY traffic, said, and Virginia on I 66 westbound traffic heavy and slow past Vienna Metro under 1 23 and toward the crash before Route 50. It is single file right getting pie. Westbound on 66 on route 15 work stone delays between Leesburg and Luck. It's at a point just north of mantra Store road believe traffic was alternating should have this one wrapping up in clearing soon 95 north bound after Lord before Fairfax County Parkway. The response to an incident at least one stopped blocking the right lane. South bound regular old volume delays toward Woodbridge. Nothing unusual from Washington to Fredericksburg on 3 95 and 95 south, Little congested on the Southwest Freeway. You can't take the 12th Street Tell you can't go in across the mall on Lower 14th straight 14th is closed across them all. A couple of many security closures going into a place for Inauguration day. Authorities are trying to balance security with everyday life better off not trying to drive a park. Your Federal Triangle Metro Center, Your union station. A lot of curb lanes are being used for fencing on duh. Other security measures and Capitol police say Independence and Constitution Avenue will be closed on Capitol Hill right through Inauguration day into Maryland Theater, Luke getting heavier now through silver Spring to 70 North, getting a little better in the local lanes. The works on beyond false road should be clear. In Colombia. Traffic South bound on 29 no longer diverted it route 32 getting by the remains of a crashed near rivers Edge Road under police direction. Dave Tilden. W T o p. Traffic. Let's check out this forecast with Amelia Draper a pleasant Winter day today and the good news is the string of nice weather continues tomorrow Thursday. Even Friday, looking nice now will keep clear skies in the forecast this evening after Highs today near 50 will fall into the mid twenties, so low thirties upper forties too low fifties.

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