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Entertainment. Colleen lindstrom. Bradley trainer. And. Oh, yeah. By the way, that cruise ship isn't just any cruise ship, right? Bradley. Yeah. Stop saying that cruise ship because inches to cruise ship. It's that Scientology cruise ship kids, and it's full of me souls. Okay. Really? It's just one person who has measles on the ship. But this has been the story that I you know, as Laurie and Julia would say can't get enough of for the last week or so so it's out there. Singing your old town road for five weeks straight. I'm over here going what is up with this cruise ship? So yes, Scientology owns a cruise ship. It's called the free winds. And last week. We learned that one of the crew members came down with measles. Well, why is that a problem or why is that newsworthy because we've largely? Catered measles due to inoculations and the. And it's been in the headlines again because certain number of people in this country think they know better than science and have decided to not vaccinate their children. And so there have been over seven hundred cases of measles throughout the United States. I think that's the number. I probably just pulled that off is something I read on the internet. So I could be totally wrong science. But that's why whenever you see that you can pull anything off of the internet and presented his. To quote, a previous conversation so back to this story. So when measles happens on any ship. It becomes a story. Well, of course, the media loves a good cruise ship story on the high seas. But those particular norovirus. You know? But this particular story involves not just any cruise ship as I said, it's the one that is owned by the church of Scientology, and I'm telling you last week. I did a little bit of YouTube spiraling and watch like a promotional video that the church puts out. It is the stuff is weird, man. It is weird. They have this crew that just rides on the ship till they can't no more. There's like three hundred people on this cruise ship that sail around the Caribbean. Mostly because those are the only ports that they're allowed to go. They were in Aruba. And then last week they tried to dock in Saint Lucia, which is one of the many Caribbean islands the beautiful island. Saint Lucia was like, no, you guys can't get off your boat because you got the plague on board, and we don't want the plate here because we all have had the vaccinations. Don't bring your plague here, we're trying not to spread that. So they gave them one hundred doses of vaccine. And sent them on the Mary way will then because you can you can literally follow any ship any registered ship anywhere on the high seas. You can type it into a search engine and find out where the ship is. So the ship left Saint Lucia and headed for curse while the people incur out, which is another island in the Caribbean. We're like, okay. So you guys can port here. But you guys can't get off on the less. And this is where we are currently with the story unless you can prove that you've had the the vaccine so the crew is going to allow or I should say the country is not going to allow anyone from that ship to get off unless they can prove that they've had the the Musil's vaccine. So it's just sitting there in Kerr sale at the port presumably waiting for. You know, everyone to get cleared before they can get off the boat. So imagine that you're on this ship, which by the way is I don't want to say it's a prison ship. But it doesn't seem to be as fun as some people would like you to believe yet because you hear cruise ship that just goes from career in island. Okay. Would you like some more lean clean that goes from island to Ireland? And you think well that sounds like especially you've Radley you'd be like, yes, thank do that. However, I believe we read about this very cruise ship in one of the many, Scientology, you know, bio biography, the things that we've read and this deep on the show big time and this ship is not just a regular cruise ship. And if you are on the crew of this ship, you are literally working your booty off your in service of the higher members of the church, Scientology, Tom Cruise celebrated a birthday on this cruise ship. And here's the fascinating thing. I was doing some reading about this ship last week. The fascinating thing is so they've got this crew it has to do with like the sort of higher. Order religious order of the church of Scientology's. You have to be part of the sea or gets kind of this like nefarious thing. But what I will not in the fairies thing, I meant to say sort of vague just mysterious thing. But what I was gonna say is they travel around, and they actually do some like charity work and some of the local Caribbean ports. Presumably proselytizing trying to get people to join them. Yeah. So they'll bring performers on board to sing and dance. And do shows and things Tom Cruise celebrated a birthday on this particular ship. So it's like this weird combo of cruise ship slash cult. That is just so fascinating. And I would you know, minus the plague outbreak I would love to be all up in it without actually having to sign my life over for ten million years, or whatever it is gosh, I am looking at pictures on the.

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