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Tend to dot com slash tour while you're ninety ten maybe look at the new jetsons tee shirt that we just posted with a little bit of the doctor just said to give them a baby aspirin on a bus yeah yeah the third the third child you say by the fourth the fifth that six seven it's fascinating to me that we're all given the same equipment on movie sets you know we have a cameron lenses and crew members and people are passionate about making a film and some people are able to do extraordinary things with it with that equipment in those people and some people miss and fail miserably and i i have i haven't i haven't figured out what the differences is you know that every you never start a film without the belief that it's going to be wonderful and that you're going to do a good job in chemistry yeah it's it's a magic it's like a pair of ladies wants you know it just takes a snag to make the whole pair of stockings or you and i can have the exact same contents in our kitchen i we both have flowery both have sugar we up have vanilla extract we both have ten other ingredients you make a beautiful cake and i make up turn there's no it's just chemistry i think it's i think in the what made me kind of want to go down this path is is when you teach how do you express that to your students because when you're teaching an acting class you're giving them a kind of idealized environment it's okay to fail here it's okay to try things living this is a safe environment but you mentioned all of those directors some of whom i'm sure had historically strong personalities different personalities how do you teach them to navigate the different chemistries that they will encounter the different directors the director whose hard on them that director who's like do whatever you want you know like how do you convey that to an actor that they will have is that just something they have to learn uh on their own well i like to think of acting as look the same disciplined that a musician would would have that if if if if i played the violin and i was being invited to be the first violinist it this is a part of this orchestra and this really famous conduct turn let's call him stanley kubrick is going to conduct this piece of beethoven music now my responsibility is to understand the piece as best i can to to understand the the tone of the music but my my responsibility is violinist is to learn my part and understand my part and the difference between one violinist and another violinist is how much pressure they put on the strings how much pressure they have when they're both in the strokes of their bow the the in the way that that's how they interpret the song so with an actor that's what you're doing you have the risk if we were doing hamlet you'd have the same script as i would and i might interpret the hamlet different than your hamlet and that would be just because of the having poop my pants.

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