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Dozens of school districts across north carolina are canceling classes today as teachers are expected to demonstrate in the state capital for higher pay from member station w unc rusty jacobs reports teachers are gathering in raleigh as lawmakers opened a legislative session to make adjustments to the states to your budget ahead of the massive demonstration top lawmakers in the republican controlled general assembly unveiled their plan for raising teacher pay gop leaders say they've agreed to a six point two percent increase in the next fiscal year that would be the fifth consecutive pay raise for teachers but the state still ranks thirty ninth nationally democrats led by governor roy cooper want a greater salary increases for teachers and would help pay for it by canceling a scheduled tax cut for incomes greater than two hundred thousand dollars an idea republicans scoffed at the gop holds veto proof majority in the state legislature rusty jacobs reporting this is npr this is w nyc i'm shumita basu in new york the mayor says the nypd will change its marijuana enforcement policy next month wnyc's beth fertig reports manhattan district attorney cyrus vance is also making reforms the da noted that black and brown new yorkers are those most frequently arrested and that does not fulfill his goals of ensuring a safer new york and more equal justice system starting in august vance said he will no longer prosecute marijuana possession and smoking in public but he also said there may be safety exceptions and he invited the mayor and police commissioner to weigh in brooklyn da eric gonzalez says his office is already declining to prosecute some instances of pot smoking in public but by granting exceptions both may be leaving room to continue prosecuting people convicted of serious crimes the national nonprofit script ed is expanding its computer science training to twenty thousand young women in the bronx through the city's computer science for all initiative jocelyn rae as went to a script ed class when she realized it was the only option and you sit there was any other program like that ms school i decided why not so i i we were just being taught java script html css that's the whole square after school she says it helped her land an internship and inspired her to major in computer science and power is partially restored after a major thunderstorm in.

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