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So Fisher be really fun to see what he does is all right. How smart is McCoy on a scale of one to ten. All right. All right guys. So crazy football, smart is one of the smartest coaches I've been around. So it's been really fun to be able to learn from him and be number learned that offense because it's so dynamic. We do so many different things and it's just going to shut me up, you know, for the future as well. Okay. So two questions for you about that offense and how you're going to hit the ground running this year. One is there's a huge question of who's the number two were. Obviously, Larry is locked and loaded, but you've got new freedom, bright spot later. You've got Jay Nelson, you've got you. You know, Chad Williams who who is going to be that number two. I can't really say anything now because you know, we have training camp, you know, we gotta go out there compete, so we're all convenient for, but it's not a, we're all against each other because we all want to see each other succeed in. So we're going to go out and trying to camp and whoever makes the most plays and goes out there and shows consistently that they can be that number two guy than going to get that job. So obviously, that's, you know, Mago mind and you know, I'm gonna go out there and then chase it every day. So I guess the second question and following that up in college, you're more out of the slot than outside, and there's a lot of questions. Are you going to go outside? I know you believe you can go outside. Where do you want to be? Where do you think you are best on the field? Well, I think I'm best inside NS. I played outside all of otas and minicamp, and so just being able to get comfortable out there and just kind of getting familiar with that position and it's not like I can't do it. It's not like I haven't done it before and had a lot of success in many camping, not as so. This laws, nothing new for me. So just meeting over to master playing outside, just makes myself more dynamic possum final question win total for their cardinals. This year. What what you got to hopefully make the playoffs. So that's the goal in mind. We were making the playoffs and we're just gonna take a step by step. Wants to make the playoffs in winning a division championship and then hopefully Super Bowl. So that's our goal in mind. That's a we are working for right now. So almost four. We got a lot of people sleeping on us, and you know, hopefully wicks people. Awesome. Thanks Christian. All right, great to hear from cardinals rookie wide out. Christian Kurt Gibson had the chance to speak with him. And I think what is exciting about Christian Kirk and the cardinals offense is, you know what wide receiver is going to emerge as that second option behind Larry FitzGerald or pass catcher, right, right. Could be Ricky seals Jones that emerges as a real relevant tight end option could be Chad Williams. Last year's early round rookie could be Bryce buck, rice Butler. There are a lot of options be David Johnson, probably, but Christian Kirk, I think it's going to be a slower thing for him. I think he's going to make an impact on special teams and I think you know a couple electric plays here. They're going to get more snaps in the slot and give more opportunities. Agreed. Yeah. All right, that does it for today's episode of the fancy football podcast. If you want to play a little best ball with us and you should draft dot com slash ballers and we'll be back tomorrow with another brand new episode. Again, five days a week, subscribe on apple podcast, Google podcasts and YouTube take care. Everybody have a good one. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy footballers podcast, join our fantasy football community on join the foot dot com and follow us on Twitter at the f. ballers.

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