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Credit college-credit. Oh and then and then then the end when I make that point the point I just said the end the end tag was the impact was equal pay for equal work equal pay for equal work, right? So yeah, it's like this guy's build a a multimedia Empire so that he can fuck Gwyneth Paltrow in in all of these other ones and group them. He said he's over weight. He discussed he you know, he was like an unmade bed, but he fucking a multi media Mogul so that he could have access to all of these the most beautiful women in Hollywood. He worked that hard so he can be that piece of shit that big of a piece of shit, but these women who are fucking these teachers teachers who are fucking East and like and like didn't work as hard. They're trying to pay off to fuck your kid apply for financial aid, but yep. New York like your kid is just it's just welfare sex at this moment. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah God, they're getting they're getting paid by your tax dollars twice. They took out loans to they took out loans to fucking go to school. You know, they took out financial aid to go to undergrad. They took out loans the fuck you go to school there is debt then they go and work for your school system that you pay taxes for.

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