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I always talk about their non Patreon people as freeloaders and you guys are not any way you want to listen to the show or support the show. I'm happy. Thomas says I'm a massive fan of your content, both strong opinion sports, and Zach schandler talking. And I'm a huge Giants fan from Australia, down under. I often wake up at 3 a.m. to watch games live and it's been a massive effort to do so these last two years due to how bad we've become as a team and organization. Yeah, 3 a.m. to watch a giants game, wow. My question for you is do you think Daniel Jones has a legitimate NFL future? I like how we brought in Tyrod Taylor this off season because I feel like he will really push DJ during camp and Tyrod has proven he can be a serviceable quarterback in this league if DJ doesn't work out. I personally think Daniel Jones can improve and be a good quarterback if given better protection and if our weapons around him can stay healthy. Example, Sterling shepherds take on Berkeley, Kenny gallaudet, Carrie Tony. I truly believe that if we moved off of Daniel Jones, he could go somewhere and have a Ryan Tannehill like resurgence. What are your thoughts on this statement? And keep up the great content mate, I appreciate you. Okay, here's what I'll say. Dana Jones has a ton of potential. I think you're right about that. I see a possibility where Daniel Jones becomes the franchise guy that we think he could become in New York. He's a great athlete, he's a smart guy. I'm very excited to see what Brian dabel can do with him. Brian Davis, a head coach now in New York. He was the offensive coordinator in Buffalo with Josh Allen. He developed Josh Allen into an elite quarterback. And Josh Allen worked his butt off did a lot of stuff with Jordan Palmer. It's not all the credit going to the coach, but the coach did something right there. And I could see a world where he does something right with Daniel Jones and Daniel Jones explodes and is really, really good. Because the ability is there. He fumbles too much, but he can run. I'd love to see him extend plays a little more, do some different stuff. I think with a good coach, helping him out and giving him advice and working with him..

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