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Gave me stuff and Mass Doug Lewis also had two hundred and twenty five dollars worth of gold from from Tamsin in his waistcoat so the rescue party interrogated Lewis must have quite territory yeah. I'm sure tell me about all the body parts everywhere. I don't know what the J. he admitted that he'd eaten Tamsin. Samson does that to start that album but he said he did not murder. He waited for her to die of natural. 'cause I was a good guy about it. He confessed to taking the daughter's good. It's the Gold Bundler stolen silks jewels firearms but he said Tam Senate asked him to gather the donners goods and give it to her children. well almost must unable twenty first the fourth relief left with Lewis on April twenty nine th eighteen forty seven exact almost exactly a year from their departure the the last member of the Donner Party hobbled into sutter's fort and was reunited with his wife who aided immediately eight him of the eighty nine immigrants forty five survived thirty. Two of them were children. The reads and brains were the only families survive without a single loss on average. The women survived months longer than the men okay that doesn't have to be we don't have did didn't make gender lines. William Etty started searching for Lewis to kill him but James we talked talked him out of it. Tamsin donner gained a cult following and became the heroine of the Donner Party her loyalty George and I love for children were commended my men and in women everywhere not so much for Lewis Casper interesting what happened news of the Donner Party spread across the nation of newspapers and by word of mouth. The cannibalism was shocking. Though many members of the Donner Party eight people Louis Kiss Berg took the heat because he was really eating people know we'll try to macaroni at the end of the buffet really good try him with a biscuit. You will not regret it. He was known as quote the savage eight humans for pleasure journalists dubbed him the Human Cannibal and report and he murdered Tamsin Donner as fact the human cannibal. I know no shit. Eh like this this Cannibal here man. It sounds good. I know but it's really good extra word it works. It's redundant. It's one more word art works. I got paid by words. A rumor began that Lewis went to bars and bragged about eating people what he was at eh bars like he goes every like Apache era Murphy. Excuse me fucking great this go eat. It's people once you start. You're like this is fucking awesome. People like I did it up in the mountains uh-huh but now I'm just like all the time so I hang out at the beach lots and when people blocked by them and I just dig a chunk other leg or whatever and they can't get it back because it's dumb thome you know what I mean. I'll take another shot so nice. Bar is taking a shot of Flesh Human Cannibal mechanical the pool get up. Uh The rumor was he was going to bars saying human was more delicious than California. No you hold on there. Sir sure imagine like and I kinda I I'm not trying to. I'm just going to say his head space the head space I am now the guy who eats humans. I have now been that's when people see me they go. That's the humans okay I'm GONNA lean in. That's what I'm GONNA do. I'm so sick of being categorized as a freak that I'm now not no longer. Was it survival rival based solely. This is actually the better meet. This is the other white meat this is I'm telling you we should get like people arm yeah and just raise people and we should ship that out to Oregon and see if they like it right by the way the horror people feel over that in Oregon well the note like if we were to eat people have been fields like being. I let us out yeah yeah I like. What do we have that we can see that they just don't speak English but they are out there like hey? There's some beautiful cow ranch really gorgeous. It looks so happy yeah so they also said the rumor was that he said towns liber was the sweetest morsel guy who's trying to own this and and then he said and then he looks at me and he goes was the sweetest morsel everyday face which is what brings me to my cookbook how to Egypt House the the best media of ever had have you ever had a Powell chilly philly appealing so Lewis was tried ride for murdering six immigrants but acquitted because there's no evidence well I mean good Lord except for all sitting there like there's nothing uh-huh no evidence you say when we're going to but his reputation is a disaster I wonder why he sued a rescuer for slander and one but only received a dollar in damages and I had to pay court fees ranch in eighteen forty forty eight John Sutter hired Louis as a captain on a merchant ship people to follow this guy for sure just seven months later Heinrich Doc Heinrich Lionheart wrote quote finally sutter decided to replace Mister Kessler G- because so many passengers complained that the boat traveled so slowly early down the river that when they ran out of food the captain who is accustomed to human flesh might kill passengers who were asleep and eat them my own feeling is that sutter invented this story. Sorry I completely understand when imagine where would you sleep. Eat your arm. That's going slow now. I'm your Spaghetti. So after this Lewis worked in cinema for General Vallejo before for running a boarding house at Sutter's Fort Okay in eighteen fifty want he bought a hotel in Sacramento stop. This reinvention is probably not not going well and the rumors started in skies just earring whispers everywhere he goes people should stop it one time for the year enough. Lord rumors started in Sacramento that he was running a restaurant uh-huh. I mean look this is what you eat a bunch of people sorry. That's going to stick with you. He didn't survive you've yeah but it felt like he was revelling a little more than everyone else. I mean. If you're last man standing sorry you're just going to be the guy like he saw the hotel but it was destroyed by a fire the night before the purchase was official so he got no money no. Let's let's not feel too bad for this. fucking no known cause of the fire next he ran the Phoenix brewery and advocate worth fifty thousand dollars aw but it was destroyed by a flood okay he was broke again in eighteen sixty six Lewis moved to Calistoga and became a partner in a distillery life went well until his wife died in eighteen seventy seven they had yeah you know what we're just GONNA go ahead and do without a burial take care take care of the figure the best way to save on some of these commission cremation fees. You're talking about is is to we will get rid of it on our own. Last thing we want to do is take a plot or anything like that. We know away that she will be with us forever and not you sums not sitting right classic her Nag Nag Nag Nag Nag Nag Nag even from dummy so they had four children and in two of them were intellectually disabled okay. CF mcglashan was writing and writing a history of the party said of Lewis's children quote Bertha and Augusta Gusta live with the father at Brighton Sacramento County. Both these children are hopelessly idiotic well. There's that empathy we've read about the time Bertha's twenty six and has never uttered an intelligible word Augusta's fifteen and possesses only slight traces of intelligent both are subject to frequent and violent spouses or epileptic fits the state provides for insane but not idiots they they scream so loudly while going into their spasms that he cannot dwell near other people he therefore lives isolated in a plain little house back of his brewery here he lives the saddest loneliest most pitiable creature on the face of the earth. What the fuck now you feel bad for him? Yeah I do feel bad for him. Well not for him for the kids. It's not good for anybody but yeah sure so. When Lewis was sixty fifty five years old he was living near Sacramento and this author mcglashan found him and he said Lewis was afflicted by quote misery and desolation tormented by enduring during accusations that he was a cannibal? The writer got well to be fair. It's not even an accusation well but they're saying he keeps doing it. I mean Oh oh yeah for sure well again. I mean you eat thirty people. Let's see now you're doing it. He didn't eat thirty people. You eat some people he had a good amount of people what I know about thirty though look dude he won he won. Sorry sorry this. This is the downside delivering that is actually what he said when they came to rescue them long motherfucker Ooh ooh millionaires right away Dave how long until there's a reality show of people eating other people for weight gain five years the Max the biggest winner it's eating other people's.

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