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We are a group of vengeful apes, really, really awful humankind is not, you know, there are some redeeming. There's some Jimmy elements like Keith Richards, maybe, but the rest of it. Anybody can line up on him. But, but the rest of it is just, you know, so why would these species wanna come down here where we are ruining our planet where killing each other. But I think one of the species may want to make the bridge and what you could see is official contact made the government deciding everybody is going to find out. They've got to see an very public landing. We'll take place. Hopefully where one of us ships will come down in a baseball diamond in a big city, and we'll be there to welcome them, not like they of here stood still where we fired at them. But welcome them with music with food with a festival with dance with a telepathic body of telepathically trained defense workers who can understand and feel what they're feeling and also transmitted them the love that we are capable of this planet. Absolutely. That's a concert. I would love to go to the U there, several concepts in there that I think are really, really interesting because I know that Paul Hellier has come on. He said that he has received actual. Context. He's he's spoken with actual entities that said straight up like you do a good job. Which is I I'm desperate for validation. I wish they would do that for me. But I. Well, he's very credible winning. He's a minister. He was minister of defense when my dad was working for the first Trudeau and my dad was a Privy Council officer in that government. It was a colleague, beside Paul, Paul Hellier and worked at the Canadian to transportation development agency. And so Paul's very, very credible. I hadn't heard that he that he had had contact. I'll have to opt to follow up on that. We lost a great man. Of course, just recently Stanton Friedman. The beautiful, beautiful soul toast of zero additive, crystal head vodka to Stanton Friedman. What a wonderful warm. Humorous intelligent. Yeah. You know, just one of the great people in the field and a great guy, too. And boy, he was able to hold his ground when in a in a lecture, man, he, he, he just slap those skeptics down with the facts we spoke to him not too long ago, which is very sad. But he'd softness essentially being like I'm just about to retire and we really we were excited for him. But then I was like, I don't know if. You fall, just actually ever get to retire. No. And don't think that he fully did because they believe he passed in an airport, right way, either to or from a lecture. But what a what a great guy love him very dearly. Yeah. And then Budd Hopkins we lost a couple years ago years ago. The, you know, of course, the great objection researcher John Mack was killed in a very mysterious accident, John growth rate us book about objection. You know, he was Harvard psychiatrist who, who had to look into this because so many people were reporting, these events in a very credible way. He wrote two books duck shin and then transformation. He stepped off a curb in England and a drunk driver clipped him and killed him. That day in England three other John, max were killed in traffic accidents, we really trip. Maybe this is we can bridge this back, because then you also believe that you were approached by people. You called men in black two. You were filming your interview series for Sifi? I wasn't approached what happened was. We were interviewing Bassett and Greer that day and this was our disclosure episode and we done Bigfoot and other things. And, and joy on George sequoias there who's chariots of the gods. The alien guy love him. We don't all of those, and then I just interviewed bast Greer, and I believe I was about to interview Bassett and my phone rang, I went out for cigarette actually and my phone rang. And it was Britney Spears of all people calling me to come and help me, would you come and help me work on us L? This is why this is just tabloid where the story 'cause I'm on the phone with Britney Spears as this happens. Anyway, I take a drag a cigarette. I I change fans to put the phone. They say sure Britney I'd love to help. I turn look down. Forty second street on the other side of the street is a black crown Vic with two guys really tall guys standing there now. They weren't in black. They were wearing like denim shirts and denim pants. And they were really tall with black hair, and they were looking right at me. And I try I've course I'm looking for the plate. I'm going, you know, I'm not an idiot. I look. And I you know, that's a police car, what I look and I can't see the plaintiff almost like it's pixelated and it was right across the street. So then I turn back to say, well, Britney Wendy and turn back again with a second. I look back and that image of those two guys in that car was gone. They didn't go past me didn't make a u-turn. They were gone. I go back inside after reading too, and really weird about to tell Bob Weiss, my producer what just happened. And he comes up to me and says, our show's been canceled, and they want us out here, within the next forty five minutes. We're not gonna. Reviewed after we're not gonna interview, Bassett where we're done, and that was cancelled no explanation at all. Just just wrapping just done done, and then they buried, you know, they buried it, and I, I have some of them, I think some of them, but they just that was it pulled the plug on, it does seem to be that the between because I'm very interested in the concept of the, the psychic side of the story where we because we did a three episode series on men in black on our on our show in a part of when we were going through. I love the haunting ideas of connecting these minimum black to the UFO phenomenon to folklore and these trip. Stor entities that men in black or sort of these, these kind of bridges between what we used to call fairies and trolls and goblins and the hidden people and are now an hour, lexicon. These are other various species of aliens and do you. Do you caught into any of that? The idea of psychic links or kind of like Jok villa when he talks about how the phenomenon may be almost fifty percent psychic, like we are we bring them about we make them come here, almost we help them materialize. Well, a lot in what, you've watch of just said they'll hit a couple of points. I believe that a lot of the black men in black, and their technology are just basically straight up military, my lab military lab. Investigators I believe some of them are, and come here, because, basically they can change into anything. They can change into a rabbit, if they want to and hop around in your living room, you know any size. I mean so they can do more for the change into everything they can cloak themselves. I swear that I saw Ford crown Vic and two guys vanish within a second. So I got life, the technology, I believe that, that that's happening. The attractiveness of the planet earth is, is, is, is, is indisputable. It's the most beautiful, spear. In the multi nowhere else to get lakes and rivers and trees and mountains and cities and culture are very attractive. And most of these species are coming here as tourists and that's it straight up in simple. Cruising through to take a look this sport model. That's being seen now. It looks like a Stingray. It's about the size of an automobile. It's completely great has a stinger at the back and completely pay. Of course, there's no windows in it, but it's being seen more frequently you can see that it's for two people to occupants and you just imagine it being parked in a garage, and it's near a planet near Zeta ridiculous. And, and a couple decided to go out on a Friday night. Crews zipping over to, you know, watch Manhattan for a few minutes, and that's not honest, that's kind of wonderful fairies, trolls men in black definitely folklore figures, now very, very strong ones, but always linked seemingly linked to interviews with the with the people who are witnesses. And sometimes warnings given and sometimes they just walk away and don't do anything. So I think it's, it's a mix. That's so interesting with the tourist idea. And of course, we always have in this country, for the longest time, the idea of alien invasion going way back to war of the worlds, the radio play the people were like I think this is serious and there were riots in the streets. It'll come quietly, it'll come with hybridization which is already happening. I think, you know, there's some crossbreeding that's been going on for the last couple of hundred years. And, and hopefully they will bring the best of human qualities to the four more mindfulness more thoughtfulness and, and test to the psychic alleman of all of this. The theory is now on many of the these craft it'd be controlled that they that there be controlled. They're being controlled mentally that the operation merely thinks where he wants to go. She wants to go or at wants to go and the shins respond with navigation power, gravity bending photon control all of that. Do that from the mind of the operator, which I you know, you talk about yourself driving car. Batch will never mind. Let me get in the car, and I won't touch anything then just let my part of my mind drive it while the other half does the does the counting. You made a good point in on unplugged in UFO's, when you say that because I know that there's obviously, there's a lot of talk about whether or not there is reverse engineer technology, from craft UFO's from UFO, crafts, that the government is sort of slowly leaking to the private sector, but basically said that maybe the reason why it's not fully being broadcast and fully being shown, it's because we can already overwhelm most other armed forces would just our normal technology, and they don't need to play the card of, here's a turning into turning a physical craft into a liquid. Here's a thing that can turn on a ninety degree angle because it would be too much at once. Well, you know, I mean, the government would love to get their hands on this technology and maybe they already have, but having mass produce it mass produce it, what the black triangles are interesting because they look like they could be earthly manufactured. But their performance does another thing. Some Rancho the researcher out of Illinois talks about the Tinley park cases where they these things would park over the neighborhood for a few minutes, and people having barbecues would look up and see these things hovering above them, slow moving, no sound. And then would they would just vanish you know, so I don't know. Maybe that is an earthly military body, that's creating. But I got it somehow I doubt it. I think when you have performance like that capability like that we know about it, you know, they're, they're just busting their asses, try to get this thirty five to work, you know. So I just watched them ground all those Boeing planes. They could figure they can't figure out those planes. How are we going to figure out gigantic silent pyramid structures flying through the sky figured out? I mean, I think we know how it works. They've got some kind of, you know, fishing fusion cold fusion, something like that. That's producing power. They're they're bending light there. Turning as you say. Material into light. And they're, they're doing just with technologies that they've been able to develop resources wherever they're coming from, and that given give us a million years, may, maybe we're there, but I think million sounds like it's a million years in advance, baby. Not maybe it's only ten thousand because look where we've come in honored fifty years, we've come from the right brothers taking off at Kitty Hawk to, to these seven, eight, seven Dreamliner, which, by the way, I do like and fly all the time. Win. According to study is just over ten percent of break ins or planned beforehand. The rest are spur of the moment crimes of opportunity and other words random, and what's.

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