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Still fun. So that's Donald Fergus use. See Santa Barbara gauchos. We're going to move on a little bit in this particular podcast. But just reminder, we're gonna continue to do the college. Baseball thing on this podcast this spring. It's too much fun. These coaches in these players are too willing to to talk about their programs to talk about college baseball to talk about baseball in general, and I'm going to try to take advantage. I try to expose the listener a little bit more to college baseball. And coach Fergus is somebody that I met when he was at the university of Washington, and it was always very helpful always very informational. And I think the maybe the coolest thing about coach Fergus for me when when he was at the university of washed in the last five years. It was I would get an honest answer out of him. But I would also know that while he was being honest that maybe there was more there that he really couldn't go about talking about like, it was pretty obvious. Like, it was it was clear that he was in no way trying to pull the wool over my eyes at any point as. Affirms e possibly could be, but it was fairly obvious. When there might be more there in that. Maybe I should dig a little bit into it. But. Love watching that program over their team -versity Washington coach bergh's is moved onto UC Santa Barbara college baseball well underway. And again, I mentioned this on Twitter over the past couple of weeks. If you're a baseball fan college baseball is for you period end of story, and I know some of you experienced this. But and not only is it for you. But it's a vehicle to you like ESPN, plus five dollars a month. And you get everything that use PIN insider slash ESPN plus offers for five dollars a month. That's those games are on several times a week..

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