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That he would handle it, and that we should be quiet, not to talk to anybody about it that they would handle it. And they didn't a recent investigation by the Houston chronicle end San Antonio Express News found more than seven hundred people had been sexually assaulted by nearly four hundred southern Baptist church leaders and volunteers over the past twenty years. Yes, it can happen in your church responding to growing complaints of inaction officials at the southern Baptist church annual convention are trying to address the issue JD Grier is president of the southern Baptist convention. But the vast majority of southern Baptist pastors on caring. Many of them are completion because their sleep kind of at the wheel vessel. More heads the SBC's ethics commission, which is new recommendations to protect sexual assault, victims, and one of the things that will be talked about, at this convention is how to how to hold one another accountable, where we're autonomous churches. But Tommy doesn't mean or should mean a lack of accountability. The vote that is set to happen to a night tonight would allow the southern Baptist church as a whole organization to expel any smaller churches, that don't properly respond to sexual abuse allegations, or tries to cover them up, but here is the caveat in order for them to be actual change. Or has to be a second vote at next year's convention Maria Maria. Thank you next on the CBS evening news. The prosecutor from the central park, five case says a Netflix mini series is full of distortions. Six forty four on the boulevard.

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