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Hold this house seat. It's a very tight race. I'm Steve Pearson and I'm Mariah Craven and this is how we went dogs roaming around the room and hasn't been to the groomer in two months and so I hear in my nightmares. These clack clack clack. That's kind of like me with my long hair and long nails clapping around the house. I have also been to the groomer and a while dismal and a half to peanut butter and order. Your nails love peanut butter. I would probably let her do it. She gave it to me. So you're saying the Senate we haven't talked about in a little while the Senate and Mitch effing McConnell. And he's showing why we need to be talking about him and the Senate and how important it is that we take back the Senate by bringing the Senate back right now when Pelosi in the House members are are not coming back out of a safety and trying to protect the health of not just the congresspeople and senators but their staffers. That's really so many staffers buddies and all Anna Airline workers because they all have to come from all their different districts across the country. That's right that's right so they putting a lot of people at risk and McConnell is doing it because why I'm going to ask you. What is the number? One thing that motivates Mitch McConnell I would love to say his constituents or the people of this country or but I think it has to do with remaking our judicial system. It's exactly right that's his raison d'etre as they would say in France or exactly now yup throwing throwing it out there because Getting stir-crazy here. But it's what motivates him the Supreme Court the Federal Court and Stacking it with conservative justices. Because he he's all about institutional power and so there's two main reasons why he really brought back the Senate one and he said this out loud. This is not just us. Guessing is to confirm more federal justices news. Hand picked Conservative justices that he wants to ram through. He sees the writing on the wall. He's worried about November and they want to get as many conservative justices confirmed as possible. The other thing is he felt a little bit out of the loop on the negotiating for the last stimulus package. The administration was negotiating directly with the Democrats for that. And I'm so He wants more input into the next emulates bill presumably so he can do what he's always done and that's you know. Protect his his cronies and I'm not looking to Lift up the lives of of ordinary working people but to help out big business so kind of an evil genius I mean he really always has his eyes on what for him as the prize for the rest of us is like deep dark black hole by. Oh my gosh. The focus on the grim. Reaper is You know self-described by the way that's his own nickname for himself. It's intense man. I wish I had a psychology degree so I could do tepe dive into that. Yeah listeners can offer us some insight. Over what what motivates a person to refer to themselves in that way. He's all about just building power and you're right. He's he's like an evil genius and debatably the most dangerous and destructive force in our politics right now so as it's easy to focus on an we should focus on the job the administration is doing around Corona virus. And all of the Asinine and psychotic things that trump does we really need to stay focused on the Senate seats. We have to take back. The Senate is so important. Absolutely absolutely speaking of the administration carry re-use middle the night tweets from Komo's tweeting tweeting. Oh trump was tweeting in the middle of the night. In the middle of the night who's tweeting but donald trump and a whole bunch of people who you know regret what they tweeted. In the morning. I don't have any regrets. So this group of never trump Republicans have released an anti-trump at I mean they're really focused on on making sure that he doesn't get reelected and they're being led by George Conway Kellyanne Conway's Rab Husband of course Kellyanne an advisor to trump. Which just weird this whole. Yeah that relationship yes so anyway. This Republican Group released in AD called morning in America. Ammo you are in I N G and of course. That's a play on the Ronald Reagan commercial from back in the eighties morning in America. And of course you know that's for trump guy has make America great again. Slogan was from so It all comes together in a really depressing way. So I'm the president of the United States. The leader of the free world tweeted in the middle of the night after this ad came out group of Rhino Republicans who failed badly twelve years ago then again eight years ago and then got badly beaten by me. A political first timer for years ago have copied no imagination. The concept of an ad for Ronald Reagan morning in America. Doing everything possible to we're going to get we're going to skip a couple of tweets mercifully. They don't win and their so called. Lincoln project is a disgrace to honest. Abe. I don't know what Kellyanne did to her. Deranged loser of a husband moon face but it must have been moon faced starry. Say Moon face. Yes he's now referring to Conway's moon face the also refers to crazed Rick Wilson another Republican. Evan mcmuffin McMillan. They're all losers. But Abe Lincoln. Republican is all smiles. Yeah as you said. This is the leader of the free world The president of the United States during a pandemic that is killing thousands of Americans every single day. And that's that's what he's compelled to tweet about in the middle of the night. Had he not had a record of this kind of nonsense? I would think that he you know. I've been reading all these articles about everyone having weird these weird corona virus dreams right now. It sounds like he's like live tweeting his own weird fever dreams. It's so bizarre end so unbecoming and just sell an indicator of his mental state. Right now I mean. His mental state has always been unstable. He is a sociopath and Just extreme narcissist as well WANNA be Fascist dictator and those are all nice words to describe him but It's made so clear during this crisis that we're going through when we're just starved for some kind of cohesive federal response to this and then just some compassionate leadership. We have six months before the election and I woke up this morning. Just really really excited about the notion of having a leader at the head of our government who is actually going to speak in compassionate terms about the situation. We're in because there's so much we don't know and there are good people who are working on this there are scientists who are working on this and we're all over the world there's a race to find the vaccine and there's People trying to figure out how we get back to work all the heroes who taken care of like the the nursing homes who have been hit so hard in the prisons and I woke up this morning just just pining for that day when we have a leader who just gives it to a straight with up a little bit of humility for the moment that we're in and a lot of compassion for what people are struggling with and and how walking through this and and we can make that happen Mariah we have to and we will. Yes we will yes we can. Yes we can. I hope I mean that's a good segue into our reasons.

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