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These are my favorite of all all the outback's they ever made. So I say go forth and outback. Yes, thank you. Turbo. G says have you met Fernando Alonzo gif one versus Indy. I mean, culture culture culture, you got a serious. You know, culture shock last year when he came to the US, but he can terms enjoyed it. Didn't he had a good time? He, but he I mean, I think that based on what his perception was and to come over and see what it what it was like he was so blown away by that. And you know, it's obviously it's the biggest race of the year. And so he came over and did that and he's doing it again this year, and I think McLaren, although they're not running a fulltime team this year. I think that's definitely in the cards and feature Zac Brown and runs that program is, you know, he's an e comes from IndyCar comes from IndyCar NASCAR, very that's why the opportunity is there. So I think that, you know, Fernando be back more and more and more and Z chill Zuko. Yeah. He's he's a great guy. I, you know, I spent a little bit of time with them and was very very, you know, cordial, and he was super nice and. Shirley comes. Yeah. Is it any culture is not as snooty as if one is not at? All right. I find I found it to be like halfway inbetween NASCAR. And f one. Yeah. I mean, I think that it's it's. You know, I think that the the culture of racing in the US is you kind of couple like IMSA and IndyCar and like the world like the world challenge stuff. I kinda like has a very similar paddock few and then NASCAR is kind of its own culture. It's a little it's not little any like NASCAR. Resi drink. But in a in a portable container wine and a candidate. May maybe maybe like, maybe like a cocktail call Jack and coke kind of thing Long Beach grand prix when I went down, there Graham invited me down and him and his people were super super sweet. Everyone in the paddock is is. But it was not like I went to Monaco grand prix, which is the holiest of the toity. Yeah. You know? And it was not nothing like that. Yeah. It was it was show actually joined it thought it was fun vibe at IndyCar. Yeah. No. I mean, they they do a good job. I mean the series has done a really good job of working with like again MCI and the other series, and and creating a very cool environment and IndyCars really pushing their drivers really hard. And that's kind of one of those things like you. You look at it. And like for me, I look at the business aspect of it, and you know in the future when I'm when I'm done driving. You know, whatever I end up driving at the end of the day and. You know, I I still want to be involved with the sport and my heart. You know, I love IndyCar, and I love the open-wheel stuff. And I see the if you could only drive one kind of car, would it be the IndyCar. Yeah. Absolutely. But I mean, I still love the sport. The endurance racing is a lot of fun and interesting is is a cool, really sport. You know? It's it's like it's more of like the team aspect as you're driving with multiple people. Yeah. I mean, the most of the the majority of the racists throughout the season, it's two people per car. Right. But you know, you're looking at what the racist..

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