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Anywhere by downloading the radio. John ritchie. The calls in Jerusalem. Best best calls make the show one forty five. John, would you agree? Thumbs up thumbs down when you are hungry. And have limited options. And all you have is the vending machine that the Snickers is the most filling of all candy bars. I don't know. Yeah. So here's the there are other things that are more filling their like chips. Well, you get the cracker cracker. No, get the meat and cheese sticks. Big cheeses guy. These days. So you get cheeses. Naggus neck, I go with like, the whatever the jerky and in cheese. Yeah. My thing is much. No, Bryce Harper. Could by the holy could bias all good. Yeah. And you know, like a Bryce just by the city of Philadelphia everybody by everybody candy bar. Nice gesture on the way Johnson got everyone a beer, I ain't gonna really want a candy bar. Eugene Dong, I think that maybe the advertising for the Snickers like the satisfies. Maybe well, which came first were you satisfied type thing where were you told? You were said I have always believed this I don't know when that campaign started. But I think I have long believed that this sure you love the Batman commercial for Snickers as well. I haven't seen that. I don't think so great. Let's go to the phones Bryce Harper willy B. Phil looks like it will say nothing officially yet. Obviously, very exciting. Rare for Philadelphia sports to get the guy. Let's talk to Conwell northeast Philly. What's up Conwell? Hey, guys. How you doing? Great show is always thank you guys, and your producer is really fantastic. He should have his own show. So really doesn't doesn't the weekends? And and I'm sure more to come in the in the coming years. I agree. I hear you can be introducing this. But I've been telling spike to get rid of Ritchie for. I don't know. God six months now. I think I get rid of you. Dodges kidding around. You guys got a great show. My my brother-in-law works for the Baltimore Orioles. He's in the organization itself. Just he had some interesting things prospects, you say he's he he agrees with the Phillies are definitely getting Bryce Harper. It's just a matter of what they happened what they has a physical. And and what they Boris wants to announce it. It's just a matter of counting the hours before it happens. But he also, and he doesn't know this for gospel truth, but he also says he knows mainly Machado personal. He he almost guarantees that even before Bryce Harper announced that that Machado's come. So he has that he has that, you know, China wants to come to the Phillies. He of course, he wanted to 'cause it Yankees because that's where the money is. That's what. Yeah. Ties in is and stuff like that. But he does wanna come to the Phillies. Also. Well, what's that? What's preventing it? According to your brother-in-law is it preventing it is Christ tag. And they post want their ten years thirty million dollars. And it's whether it's whether you want to give up on Mike trout in two years. Yeah. Do you want to spend all your money? Now, put all your eggs in the basket on having these two guys. And then it puts the pressure on Middleton. He said it be has to has to go out and get Kimball. He cannot let kimbrel go by. If he picks up them too. Big people. We have to one hundred percent go after and why do you say that to complete the team that would need a closer? Well, last quizzes, you're closer. Well, no, they know they got they got to do it. It's been a successful closer for awhile. Now, I'm blanking on his name. But the the old Yankee player, I know, I know you're talking, but it it's not Kimball. Kimberly. Listen, you know, if they get him hidden or career career career their their their bullpen would be fantastic. Kimberly have this quiz and Padilla in the book. No, no. You're you're getting your names confused, you're talking about. Yes. Yes, sir. Oh my God. I we'll give me. Wasn't cracking up because I was literally having conversation about today about three days ago. People that how how mad Bo used to everyone? Bo would go to the moun- were to visit him help. Oh, he would get so mad at today was so funny. All right. Gimme great love story. Yeah. What story itself? Mike, seventy two LA McGraw. I love story. I don't know that one. Do we know this one John Lester famous movie gone? Yeah. You say so love store. That boa Ryan Ryan O'Neal, right? Love story. All right. Let's talk to Mike is Mike you're on wwl. Mike. Hey, buddy. Hi, mike. How are you guys? Great. I'm calling from Jupiter beach, inlet, Florida. Oh, yeah. I usually do my my office here get it out of the way and bet a week ago. I tuned in you guys, I say guys go free to show. Thanks. I'd like to say great first off. I'd like to say you guys are talking about land. How do they know all the states are measured yesterday? Yeah. What's the deal with some of the well did you ever figure out like, George, Washington and Thomas Jefferson were surveyors? Yeah. I know Washington was your. Yeah. You're talking about people with a lot of money come on. That's the first thing they do is measured or land. No, I know. Yeah. But I got and put a friendship. No, I understand that. But it's easy to to do that with personal property. I'm talking about when you say, you know, here, here's where you know, Pennsylvania, you know, stops. And here's where you know, such and such begins. I mean, here's where New York begins. It's kind of bizarre. But it is surveying. Because when you're surveying you're taking a couple of points and connecting them who 0. So that's that's where your land begins in that. All right. All right. Yeah. It wasn't. Yeah. They had a pretty good just a lot of money was tied up. That's number one number two. Nick foles. You sure we want him to go to the giants. Well, I don't want him to go to the giants. I absolutely don't want to go to the right. And you know, you know, I just wanna say something about I read Nick foles book. I'm the one he wrote last year and he's wired a little differently. I think he really enjoys the clubhouse. He sure enjoys being playing football every day. What he saw that in Los Angeles. I don't know if he wants to go to a place, particularly Jacksonville. Well, we'll we'll finally listen we're gonna find out about a month and a half. I think your instincts will be proven wrong because I think you might be a starting quarterback somewhere. But we'll find out if he wants to be a backup here for eight million dollars. He can do I doubt he will be well, it might be a bigger year next year because there's no quarterbacks out there after a year of college quarterback, right? I like it might give me give me. Great love story. Yeah. Great love story nineteen eighties. Same time next year. Okay. Yeah. I haven't seen. I haven't I need to. What is it sometime next year? Yeah. Okay. I I was very confused. But we we appreciate the call. Oh, speaking of football. I was having this. I just I this thought this morning with the Super Bowl, which I didn't even put together to this morning. It's the patriots. And Rams again, you know, obviously they played at Prieto on Super Bowl back. Then when this whole patriots, then got going. So what do you do if you are a Saint Louis Rams fan? Will you root against the Rams? I think right. They leave aren't you out? I mean, it's gotta be weird spot. I mean, it was there team three years ago. Sure mean Aaron Donald played for the St Louis Rams. That's tough spot for them. I don't know what they do. I mean, that's a personal choice for them. I mean, I I can't imagine. I mean, we almost lost the eagles in the mid eighties. I just I would be I don't even know fans. I mean most mo- unless they harbor a grudge. Do I'm sure. Well, no, I was in a town that, you know, the team left and went to LA, and then came back, and there were a lot most people were on board when the raiders were in L A, and they were on board when they came back still big choice some who have decided that they would look elsewhere. But most the majority of fans that's your team. You know, that's your uniform, and that's your coaching staff to some degree. I get it. I I don't know. It's hard to say from the outside looking in the outside looking in. And you say, you know, they left I'm done. But yeah, I guess that's easier. Outside than to be a Rams fan your life, and then to have to change that if they move south just the worst for those people, James and voorhees what's up, James? Hi, James doing well. Just a quick point. Baseball fan in a different time. But. The super stars. When I was I was never been under two fifty. You know, going pocket grassy Chipper Jones. So I mean, I I don't know maybe it's different now. Well, it was a was a steroid air that you're describing not all those guys. We don't think, but it was certainly steroid era. Which could have contributed to it. You know, I I've I've thought about that too. I know that era the sluggers that would hit the the forty homers, maybe not Maguire. But man, a lot of them bad at three hundred. I mean, Albert Belle Frank Thomas. I mean, a lot of those guys batted three hundred and in many ways, I think Harper's more like an old school player because you used to have the big slugger. They would hit like to sixty and Harper's a career to seventy nine at. I think Schmidt. He was a career to sixty five hitter. I believe, you know, which isn't great. But of course, when you have five hundred and forty eight home runs than than there in all the walks. There you go. So I think in many ways Harper's kind of like an old school player in that regard. Good most stories and name calling from here. It's always go sports are involved to write for love of the game. Kevin costner. Good one. It's john. I touched on this before I think it's a really good first half of the movie, and I think the second half kind of bizarro for the love of the game. Well, the problem is that the love story is the worst part of the movie. Yeah. The baseball stuff is great if they just cut Kelly press. Now, the movie it probably would have been good in the beginning. He helps Shirley change a tire or something like that, you know. And then, but but then that's what I look for. He's kind of insurance love love seeing a good change and change a tyre any other nothing more romantic. They get that Jack out of the Toronto. Wait a second. China your lug nuts. God, you're rude guy. But I mean, it's it's the idea of stopping to help the woman and she's a damsel in distress. She's also very attractive. She happens to be a quite attractive female. I will I will agree with that. So so you think Kevin Costner was only inclined. Oh, he had ulterior motive unchanging that tire. Okay. That's out works. Probably right about that. There. Let's talk to Gary in Whitehall, yo, Gary. Hey, good afternoon, guys. Great, gary. Hey, thanks for taking my call. Great show is always. I'm not getting to over four was a Harper. But at least we got some kind of talk going on..

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