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His position to receive at least $9 billion under the latest federal covert 19 relief and Economic stimulus Law states estimate doesn't include its share of the largest single program in the new law. The more than $280 billion. That's in the small business assistance under the Paycheck protection program off the money in the new package, though more than $3 billion would go to unemployment assistance. Another three billion in one time economic impact payments to individuals about $815 million would go through the elementary and secondary School Emergency relief Fund. Also with that stimulus package, a change in the real I D process WBC's Karen Regal tells us it could actually make your life easier. No one likes going to the registry of motor vehicles. No disrespect to the people who work there. But the stimulus bill would allow states to take documents electronically rather than in person, says the state registrar, and even allow people to offer documents on electronic devices like your cell phone. Registered, Jamie Tesler tells Statehouse news. There are regulatory processes that need to play out. But this could be a sea change his words on how we all get our license is real ideas a federal requirement. It's aimed at increasing security for identification, and those ideas will be needed to board a plane or enter a federal building, for example. Chairman. Regal WBZ Boston's news Radio Boston Man pleading guilty to federal charges of possessing child pornography accused of secretly videotaping boys in restrooms at the Boston Latin School. According to federal investigators. 36 year old Eric Tran tie of Boston would hide in a stall in Boston. Latin School restrooms raise a camera above a partition in secretly videotaped boys in there. Or he would place a backpack with a camera in the restroom and videotape that way. He was arrested nearly two years ago and has now pled guilty to two counts of possession of child pornography. He will be sentenced at a later date. Investigation began when a couple Boston college students went to police, saying they had been secretly videotaped in a restroom on campus that led police to time and in his home. They found all kinds of videos from a number of college restrooms and the ones at the Boston Latin School..

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