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The las vegas shooter booked a hotel room there this summer overlooking the law oppose lose of music festival the chicago marathon is this weekend police aren't taking any chances thirteen different first respond organizations from the federal state and local level coordinating and securing the route so people can enjoy what is the great great international of chicago mayor rahm emanuel 40000 rather than a million spectators are expected to be there this weekend officials say the skeptical over claims the girlfriend of accused shooter steven paddock made that he didn't know anything about the attack beforehand she says she went to the philippines two weeks before and was worried that he was trying to break up with her in florida awarding over tropical storm nate storm has the potential to become a hurricane and impact the florida panhandle this weekend and families must be ready governor rick scott right now that storm is moving over nicaragua with forty mph winds on wall street stocks are trading higher today scott goldberg abc news good morning once again thank you so much we a part of your day with us and what a beautiful day it is we've got sunshine curley fifty eight downtown as we continue with 20 minutes of nonstop news well there seem to be somebody stories of doctors nurses paramedics all happened to be at the concert in vegas with the shooting rampage began sunday night couple scotty johnson's yours the accountable lake stevens their cells elay thumb is an are and at the everett clinics she described the sound that interrupted the music like so many others have thinking it first it was fireworks once they knew they were in trouble they took off running every one southbound them and you would start running again in and you are trying to find a short answer to anything they've ever and it was crazy and literally finally came in a more she says they ran about a mile ended up huddled with dozens of others jam packed in behind a bar at the tropicana many people astaire oh my gosh one in here and they're going to get from here and then they're going to occur i mean this is terry them's friend also a nurse in the triage area putting pressure on wounds and tell people can be taken to hospitals he didn't realize until the next day her wrist was.

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