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Yo WTMJ Milwaukee from ABC News I'm Richard Can't Sue the U. S. Senate today takes up its version of a measure that would allow a simple majority vote to pass President Biden's nearly $2 trillion pandemic relief measure. The House has already passed its version. Rules allow for minority Republicans to offer unlimited amendments each requiring a vote. Senate Republicans will offer amendments in the initial Biden covert rescue plan designed to embarrass or put Democrats in a bind. That includes votes on whether taxpayers should give relief checks to undocumented immigrants or race small business taxes during the pandemic. It is part of political theater when a minority party can't stop in this case, Democrats getting a simple Senate majority vote on covert relief A. B C's Andy Field, House Republicans and the Marjorie Taylor Greene matter. The House today votes on stripping to Georgia congresswoman of her committee assignments over her support of conspiracy theories and violent racist views. Florida Democrat Ted Deutch promote harassment they dehumanized in devalue large swaths of our population based on race. And on faith. Indiana Republican Jackie Will Gorski says the Democrats can't do that. It is unprecedented for the majority party to take action to remove a minority member from his or her committee assignments for any reason. The Justice Department announced conspiracy charges against two professed members of the proud Boys extremist group for taking part in the capital insurrection. Last month, Canada announced it was putting the group on its list of terrorist organizations. Will the US follow suit? White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki We, of course have a review underway by our national security team. Take a look at violence and this type of concerning group activity across the country. And Lafayette,.

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