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You did it you did it in a way that made you and your family proud it was something I know when you came to the university of Michigan that was very something that was very important to you you didn't want to just leave after a couple years and not finish what you started no not at all I got older to my family and also hold to this universe Iran one thing about it here is the university of Michigan once you step foot on this campus and your brakes the culture here I think you don't never want to leave or if you do leave you always want to come back to it we feel that out of place if that kind of these specialists home units home you know one of the beautiful college cities that are yeah well with their bodies but no I just think there are a lot of those who agree you know miss fan if you were to school or university Michigan you know that it's an honor it is the last question I know your time is valuable and I and I so appreciate you coming on here with us last question this is crazy because you know recruiting is what it is and it's different now than it even was when you were back there and I know you did a lot to help recruit those other guys in the fab five to calm you with the first domino to fall you were you know it was you were like the KD you know in Tyree and then all the other dominoes fell but like you went and and try to go get a Chris Webber go get a Jaylen rose in a Jimmy king and ray Jackson so now when you're sitting here and and there's a got there's a piece out there that people in Michigan no of Franz Wagner mo Wagner's little brother was out in Germany and lit literally deciding that my gonna come stateside and have the experience of being a college player or my gonna go continue play professionally in Germany get my college education there and and represent Germany in a way that I know they're making that push he may be the piece that that bridges the gap for you how hard are you in and by the way feel free right now to announce that he's going to commit to Michigan right here on the error if you if you want to go you can't but I mean how hard are you are you work in that situation to try to get a guy like that in who he wasn't ranked but if he was right he probably in the top fifty or a hundred players for the twenty nineteen one of our communication has been great right now he he is don't know what they are and what is making decisions before play was national team to represent his country in the world because Shipp tournament I highly recommend that he does because you know that that's that's the chance of a lifetime sure the dream that I'm sure like a lot of college athletes who love to do some point in their careers well the plan basketball soccer baseball you know whatever yeah whatever you know you you love to have a chance to wear your company she's not come from a country colors yellow form colors on that podium.

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