Twitter, Goodman, Jordan Cheriton discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


Let's go to uh gone from a six five one area code who's this where you come from it's it's the crystal opoku the crystallography show the crystal paco i will allow hey uh i just want to call and give my support to you today much you know that like don't let these a holes get your down man like you're on the right side of history in this all seek out and people know that this is a disingenuous smear job to be uh uh uh what's the were looking for escalated against your here um sir no nobody's put me i'm blast last night so that was pretty fun and i got to uh to go back and forth with all of his supporters in yeah when you were saying that these are bought s i noticed that some of the accounts would like tweet me and do whatever like threaten me and or whatever and then the account would disappear it would be deleted so it was just another uh oh interesting more proof that uh that it's not real people um and but the real reason i called today is because there's a person uh his name when he sees see jimmy grief or cake um is on twitter on ha goodman's i i'm in a little uh or ha goodman it might lowercase chris i get a lot of people in line the last thing i do is go okay well i just wanna know 7 why why you're ignoring short jordan sheraton okay that's all your nor ignoring jordan cheriton that's all all right are getting that totally powered by by okay by mi ignoring jordan sheraton.

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