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Regret player for the bengals Definitely a good fantasy player That you'd want to have on your team and could flex option number two receiver. So he he's kind of the guy that's going to get consistent targets And you know he's gonna put up good numbers again this year so moving onto the next player of odell beckham junior think. He's going to work his way back into the offense and he's gonna become the main weapon again in cleveland. I feel like they're going to make it work now. I feel like the browns. They're confident confident team. You know. I think rodale coming back. I think he's gonna say listen. I don't wanna be the guy that's gonna throw it all off. But i think you know bakers gonna target him a lot and he's just a dynamic playmaker when he is healthy. I would put him here on this list. Then after that. Joe borough had a really solid rookie season last year. Of course you know unfortunately got cut short due to the ac l. injury. I'll not even just that tour. Pretty much everything in his knee and remarkably. he's going to start week one. Which is really encouraging. So he bounced back well from that. I expect him to be even better in year. Two if he's healthy and protected and now he's got another weapon to edge. It was arsenal and a healthy joe. Mixon i think the bengals are going to be scrappy team offensively. So as you know. And i think joe borough could be pretty good fantasy quarterback so keep an eye out for him and in the next guy i have on. This list is baker mayfield. Who's ahead of joe. Borough i think bakers gonna have his best season. I really liked the browns a lot. The offensive line the running game the weapons. That is gonna help out baker tremendously. And i think he's going to you know maybe possibly if he plays really well. Maybe squeak into the top ten. I don't know just saying might be a little bit bold. But i don't know i like baker this year So he's an ex player then ahead of him. I j jk dobbins. I feel like with him. You know he. He was pretty good really good once you know he was the lead running back you know. He's very consistent. And i think that's going to translate to this year just because the ravens off to run the football and that's kind of their strength and then i had 'em i've nike harris. I mean he's going to get the ball lot. You know i. Hopefully this ios offensive line is not terrible. So he's able to run behind a nice offensive line and he's definitely going to get a lotta carries because the steelers are definitely going to need it now with ben being the older quarterback now that he is and then i got joe mixing ahead of him. Joe makes him really didn't play a lot of games but when he's healthy he's a really good running back and especially for fantasy. He's a guy that could be a number one running back on your team. So he's a guy you're definitely going to want to you know have and then number two. I got nick job. Love nick chubb adam. Last year was amazing. If he didn't get injured he would have had an even better season You know. I definitely think he's probably the second best player in the afc north when it comes to fantasy. I think he's going to have a monster season again. And hopefully i could somehow get him which i don't know if it's going to happen but we will see and then number one. I have lamar jackson. I think more jackson's probably going to have the best season out of you know pretty much. You know all these players in the afc north things you can put up the most points. I think now with more weapons and being you know dynamic playmaker in terms of running the football you know all that is going to translate to him having another great season and he's going to be a top five fantasy quarterback just because of that so. Yeah he's at number one. So yeah there you have it. Those are my play rankings for the afc north so on the next show i will do the afc west and that'll be the fireplace. Final player rankings. That i do so with that. We're gonna take our final break into show. When we come back i will unveil the next ten picks in my fantasy mock draft so stick around. We'll be right back here on the gsm mc fantasy football podcast. Are you looking to get your college football. Beck's looking to get the latest news on your favorite school team. Diaz mc college football podcast. Is your ticket to all things college football. Join us as we talk college football from the national championship. The college rivalries the bowl game to the heisman trophy so which converts is the best. We've got you covered for the big ten as he's the big twelve the pac twelve. Acc and everything in between download the gsee college. Football podcast on. I tunes stitcher soundcloud. Google play or anywhere you find god gas just tied gs nc in the search bar and we are back here on the gs mc fantasy football podcast for the final segment of today's show i am going to unveil the next ten picks in my fantasy mock draft. So let's get right into it so starting off the next round. I have the tight end for the washington football team. Logan thomas logan thomas had a pretty good year last year. Obviously started out as a quarterback in the nfl. I remember him playing for the cardinals. As the quarterback he threw touchdown pass in denver You know that was a that was really. The only highlight. Remember him as a as a quarterback But really was all about the running back. I believe it was andre ellington Who you know had a great run on that. Play and got logan thomas. His first career touchdown pass but now he kinda himself and is now a tight end in the nfl and last year he was pretty good. He was pretty good He did also throw a pass. And those against the cowboys on thanksgiving But he was pretty good. And i feel like this year with fitzpatrick. I feel like he's going to be. He's going to be a top fantasy tight end this year. He wasn't my top ten for my tight end. Rankings i. I just think that he's going to be pretty good this year. I feel like especially now with a more explosive quarterback with fitzpatrick. i feel like that's going to increase his numbers a lot. And you know. I i know washington they br- brought in curtis samuel brought in and humphreys. I believe so. They do have some weapons on this offense. Now as we go along with terry mclaren. I feel like he's kinda like the third option. I feel like you know when it comes down to him. And adam humphreys. I feel like you know. He's going get more targets. As opposed adam humphreys though adam humphreys is a good slot receiver. I do feel like logan. Tom's is going to have more targets. And listen you know. Like i keep talking about what the titans end. Spot is a is a position that you know you gotta you gotta try to somehow get a good tight end you know earlier on because odds are if you miss out on some of these good tight ends now. Obviously the big three. They're gonna go. You know immediately So if you know but they don't fall you then you know that. That's unfortunate but that that's what happens You know. Logan thomas is going to be one of those guys and like that second tier that you're definitely going to want to get and i feel like this is kind of like a good spot to put him. It might be a little bit further down in my draft but again i mean look at the other players that i put ahead of him. I mean you know he could pro- i mean you could probably squeeze him in maybe around earlier but you know. I think this is probably an accurate place to put him in my fantasy mock draft. I mean maybe he wouldn't go in the beginning of the round per se. But that's where. I decided to put him so that's where he is. So the next player on this list i have the running back the other running back for the cleveland browns kareem hunt and you know what cream hunts another guy that i think it may be a little bit higher but this is where i decided to put him. I think listen. I talked about it. You know on the last segment. I think that if kareem hunt you know continues to get you know A nice workload in this offense to go along with nick chub. He's going to be a solid fantasy. Pick i think he could definitely be rb to for a lot of teams. He could definitely be a flex option. It's not an rb to we could definitely can definitely be a flex option. Hundred percent could be affleck's option. I think there's no question about it. Because gets he gets a nice workload. Even with nick. Chubb being the lead running back and also you know on would. Hopefully injuries don't occur but they can happen and it happened. We saw last year. You know kareem hunt did take on a bigger workload..

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