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The whatever it is that got you to be able to stay still can you apply that the opposite way. I think so I think it just takes practice, and I think it takes discipline. And that that is that's that's the key to any of this stuff is just were and and it gets easier. I mean, that's really that's the key. You know? That's that's the thing. I tell people that wanna do anything just like if you start doing it you make it more routine gets easier. But it seems impossibly hard at the beginning. Whatever it is getting up getting moving, you know, be an idol and being comfortable like that was not something I wanted to deal with. But once I got. Into it once I once I did it and was disciplined about getting there. It was it was easier to deal with for sure. It's now I value my downtime. Yeah. And I never did before. Really? Yeah. So it's just about creating new like pathways in the brain. That's it. Yeah. For sure you do you create them and new habits? Yeah. Man. It's it's been really fun chatting with you here. And then he's firing. You know, I I I I think I got a lot out of this conversation. I don't know yet on knowing Lincoln our when it it's with. We'll hear back and then maybe maybe simple bring out some good ones. But my Infos is that I got a lot out of this comers. Right. Cool. I hope to know. I appreciate it. I appreciate you digging deep, and and expose me to new philosophies. Yeah, we'll thanks so much and thanks for thanks for inspiring me throughout the years as well. I don't my pleasure. And I enjoyed I enjoyed getting to be you for a little bit. Why enjoyed being on your show? So thank you. Thanks so much. Well, that's our episode. Thank you everybody for tuning in. Thanks again to Alex facility for putting together, those notes and to Logan tell for mastering the audio. And by the way, Logan has a new podcast available at apple podcasts called. I know. What I know which believe me he knows and you can check that out. Like, I said go to apple podcasts or you get check out his website, which is I know dot LL. His first guest is Kelly Carlin who's been a guest on our show, and she's wonderful. I highly recommend it. And of course, thank you again to Tony hawk please go and leave five stars in a nice comment on itunes. It really helps our visibility on the charts. And I would very much appreciate it..

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