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Right now it is the mark Blazer show with Josh Cease. So the FDA getting ready to give the all clear here, but the first vaccines administered across the pond and let's bring in from ABC News. Mark Rima lard for the very latest on this mark. Welcome in. How are you? A very good Yeah, That's right. The first doses going into arms in the UK today, the first in the world. In fact, the first lady was a 91 year old woman named Margaret Keenan. She's from Northern Ireland. There's this great photograph of her where she's sitting in the chair, and she's rolling up her merry Christmas shirt and getting the vaccine in her arm, the pretty great picture. But so basically, she was asked afterward how she felt, and she said she wasn't nervous at all. About getting the vaccine. And so the UK beginning distribution and actual back vaccination, and the U. S might not be far behind. It's the FDA is meeting on the 10th to discuss possible approval of the Visor vaccine. And as we understand from health Secretary Alex Cesar, who said over the weekend it's possible that we get approval. Following that meeting with that within days, and then from there, the doses begin to go out. All right, So did they talk about any kind of a reaction yet? Any kind of symptom or a side effect? If you will. Yes, so today. Actually, the government released materials ahead of the meeting That's taking place on Thursday and there was a lot of very positive news within this report, they reported. No major side effects in more than 38,000 participants in these clinical trials and two months of follow up as a medium, so half the cases they followed up for at least two months, half were Under that amount, But they said that one of the lines have stuck out to me here was that, uh, following up up to the second dose suggested a favorable safety profile, with no specific safety concerns identified that would preclude issuance. Of an emergency use authorization, so that's a very positive sign. What we've understood about this is that between the ages of 16 55, about half the people who got the vaccine. Had some level of side effect of which were typically mild that included things like fatigue or headaches. About a third reported some chills or muscle pains. But those are about the only side effects of that have been reported so far. Nothing that we're aware of. That has been major or significant of concern. And of course, we also know The efficacy of this vaccine remains to be about 95%, which is pretty incredible. All right. Very good. Mark Rimmer Lard ABC news Thanks very much for the very latest on this and you know, similar to marital side effects, I think is what we could say the fatigue that aches those air what? My wife uses us excuses at night. For, like, not cooking dinner? No. Yeah, That's what I'm sure. Yeah. Has anybody checked on this lady? By the way? Who was the first one to get the too soon for those jobs? All picture of her? She doesn't look 90 good for her. I again just poking fun a little bit, But, yeah, good for her being the first one, I guess Post What approval? I guess we could say, because she's technically not the first. I just like it when you know it's like it's just mild side effects. Headache, you know, nausea, you know, fatigue, chills. Irritation at the site like that say you can call that mild if you want. I don't That's that's really uncomfortable. So I wanted to pivot to this, too, because I wanted we needed to get to this, at least in the first hour will cover it. Maura's the show goes on, but it was interesting that this happened while we were researching this To speak about it on the air today, but the FBI has joined in on the Casey Goodson shooting investigation. Now he's a 23 year old man. He was shot by a sheriff's deputy, Jason Mead. And I guess kind of the footnotes are they were on a stakeout in his area where they live. He goes by waving a gun. They were leaving. By the way. The stakeout they were leaving. Nothing had come up. They were getting ready to leave. He goes by waving a gun pulls into a driveway. They then are going. We just had somebody waving a gun. So it was Jason meat and somebody with the U. S marshal's office. Jason gets out. They draw down on him, You know, Drop the weapon. There are reports that there is a witness that was present to hear. Drop the weapon. Drop the gun! Drop the weapon. And, um, the you know, he, Casey did not. And as a result, I was told also that he began to go into the house where the driveway he had pulled into. He was trying to go into that house. Where they at this point, the officer who's 17 years SWAT veteran from what I understand, Jason meet Was telling him drop the weapon. He's trying to go into this house and he was shot and Casey was shot. And now he is dead. Um, the interesting part of this. There's a couple of things. He is a CCW holder, according to his family. There was checks on this and it is true that Casey, the 23 year old, who was killed he was a CCW holder. And he also had said he was a gun advocate. Now the thing that doesn't make sense for me is if he was a gun advocate, and he's a CCW holder. Now. I don't know when he got his license, because I know I believe every three years unless they've changed. I believe it's every three years. You have to re up. I know that when I went through the training Mean there's explicit instructions when you are told drop the weapon or in any situation. You have to let officers know that you have a weapon. Certainly. You don't want to have it in your hand. When they're coming up. They don't know your intentions and so on. I don't know why this guy just didn't get down. And you know, from what I understand. He's saying he was a CCW holder. And all of that doesn't exempt you from any of that, man. What do you want An award? Okay. You were a CCW holder. That doesn't mean anything. The officer is telling me to drop your weapon. That officer doesn't know what you don't know if you live at that house don't know what you're gonna go in. Maybe there's people in there. You could be digging right to do a hostage situation. Maybe you've got your guns, more powerful gun status. It's a meth lab You're going Don't know They're already in an area in a stakeout, which didn't turn anything up anyway, so This also, you know what this climate has been created by all of the politicians? Absolutely that this is the climate where they're trying to defund the police. Those words air kicked around. We saw what happened last summer. During all of the protests, and you see what happens with these people. There's video everywhere right in these officers faces screaming at them. This is a climate that have been created by our politicians. Absolutely. And it's in certain groups have used this and fueled it. You know, you know a cab. All cops are, you know bad or you know something else. Uh, that that mindset on Dwyer. It's just, you know, don't respect their authority. They're all fascist thugs. You don't have to listen to him. Well, guess what. Now you're actually creating environment where more people are going to die. Not you're not helping to solve the problem by not having respect and just listening to a simple command. Yeah..

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