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Una feared of ear to ear to ear to ear to ear to ear on declare your independence stand cock second hour on tuesday tuesday. What april thirteenth to ooh my daughter-in-law's birthday april fifteenth. That's just a couple of days. Oh yeah you take. It's tax day. Tax day is my daughter-in-law's birthday as what it is. You guys okay. So michael bednarik. That's always good to catch up with him. You know you wanted to promote his online class. I i haven't been supportive of you know that the past i remember i was nine or ten. We were both speakers at sturgis where they had the big motorcycle rally. I think it was like the week before that they had a big after the love. Lucien away and it was that summer the following summer they had a big event up in sturgis and it was a multi day thing and he had rented a house that was next door right near the thing and he had his constitution classes air. It was filled up. A lot of people sat in on that a little bit. And i knew michael from his run for president back in four and Always always probably the the last best. A candidate for the libertarian party. Had and guys inside the party. Numbers and vote totals and dez n-. Yeah but you didn't damage you. They good example. You had someone that could articulate freedom. You had and i go. What is your criteria. What cnn says you know this you could see it was. They're going down the dark side and they would use any and everything to criticize bad next campaign. And i was like i thought it was certainly one of the better ones now. Harry brown did well. But you know the team around who was so bad that it just really you know had this you know harry brown brown cloud thing going on and just like oh. I'm now it was bad. Nurik and keep in mind four. That was the year of. There's a party insider. They're outsider bad merrick. And there was aaron russo. That did freedom to fascism the movie and he values his shoe. It he he had locked in beat up knows him bad. Eric and the other side they did not want aaron russo. There is no way they wanted to have a egotist coming in and doing what he wanted wouldn't use their machine and they went to say. Hey if you'll use our machine we'll support you you know like yeah whatever you know. Boom you went well we could have done worse and problem with aaron was he was all hollywood and gonna do. The green deal libertarian. Should make people you know. Be green or something. And you're done i erin. That was the mistake but he was talking to his hollywood buddies. And it's all about whose opinion you value. You know who you talking to. Why are you doing later. Aaron intimate to me that he was glad that he lost or he would not have done freedom the fascism and and that was a great ad and that was the beginning of understanding. Who ron paul was and when he rammed. That was the movie that we copied pirated a gazillion times. Probably we personally at least one hundred and fifty thousand of those a hundred and fifty thousand copies of that and some of them you know a lot of had other videos with it and on the same disk and i communicate. I'm wondering how it's done that. Well it was all now. It's all gone to online and facebook and you know if it's not on youtube it didn't happen the i'm going. Yeah well that day is changing. And i'm thinking did they. Did they show their hand too soon. I think those all alone are feeling that they're losing their momentum. They're being criticized in the minds of the people way more than they anticipated. And they're trying to track down. Why and it's just you know. Freedom is a perspective and these perspectives. And this why of the constitution classes and so on of what. The deal was why the government was there. What was their function. Well that's the declaration of independence other purposes defend. Individual rights doesn't do that you know what the hell year for. I thought you were supposed to keep me from being corentin in lockdown and can't open my business. I have to wear a mask. And i mean seriously so these feelings emotions of solutions start to resurrect on sells again you know. Where's the uae. How do you define this has happened. Before these same arguments the federalist and anti federalist letters and papers and books and so on that time during the debate of even having the constitution we already had the revolution. We had two articles confederation states. Were you know they're doing their own thing. We need to have nation when you wondering the rule. Y'all okay so. This is the fact that michael has not seen lord of the rings stomach in. I guess demand. That's that's such a good metaphor for so many things. So i'm looking at the y. Coming back never before been encouraging all. That's cool in the car. But i tell you what has changed. It's the why if you understand the history and is really good at it. You know the history of why did they have that clause what were the circumstances. What's to context of how they did it. How how did they get past this part. Not that part. and why. and who's on which side the discussion. The why was way more informative than whatever. Actually they wrote down. I know why did they write it down. Why did they have the first. Why is the second the second. Why not the first the third you know why why why why. Why then you get to the bill of rights to so it is a it is a it's worthy discussion now and i think that would be cool. I'd like to do because they just like michael still around. You know he's looking good. He's had health problems. Heart problems there for awhile and got operated on got fixed and so he's looking good so i'm i. Yeah yeah. I think before i start you know. Get off the road and settled down. Yeah michael ni- that'd be a good doubleheader declaration of independence a history on that wide and then how wild up you know. Ten years later we get this constitution thing. Why what was the goal. Was it freedom or was it the promise of freedom it might as well to the constitution and might as well been you know We're gonna take care of you because of the pandemic to have a constitution because of fear or something you know. What was it. Fear not being able to central control fear of not having a king here you know invasion. Wh-why yeah yeah. I think we can do. And like because i get to go for free in here. Michael and i get to talk our yeah. We'll do that. That's a discussion. That being in texas too i can see you feel it. It's time to talk about the. Why i i could feel it coming..

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