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Together we could learn, educate ourselves and make a difference for communities in need. As we continue the breakdown of round number two, the culture on the clock with 54. At 53, the Tennessee Titans going to the FCS level offensive tackle out of North Dakota State, Dillon Ratings and in You got a story about this young man, a young man that was a first team FCS All American. And how about the bison? He's been charged with protecting trade Lance's blind side and there's a small town guy lost his dad an early age and When you grow up in a town of about 3000 people is, he told us when he joined Freddie in the Freddie Fitzsimmons on Tuesday, he said I had about 500 dads. And so if you screwed up, you were going to get it 500 different ways. And that's that small town living But we brought up Can you play guard or tackle? He said. I'll play anywhere along the front. I'm a winner. I don't lose and we asked him. What was the last time you lost? Listen to this. My first My last lock where I put cleats on and played in the game was my first game in my junior year of high school. Wow. What happened? Do you remember? Uh, no, And that one was even above where we played a school. That was two classes above us. We scored four touchdowns, couldn't convert next two point. They scored three touchdowns, converted a two point conversion and their extra points and then they take the field goal to win it 25 to 24. Anyone in the detail he goes, and I don't carry with me at all. I promise you all I do is win. You put me on that offensive line. I'm gonna kick somebody's. You know what? I am a winner? No, By the way, the bison they want eight of her 98 of the last nine. FC has titles. That is a Mike Rabel player. That's a Mike Vrabel type pick. I think it's a home run for the Tennessee Titans TV. So I was just gonna say it like this is a really good job. When you look at their first couple of picks Caleb Farley, they lost three corners. Hopefully, he's we're going in story. And Isaiah Wilson was their first round pick a year ago. Swing and a Miss Sweet Hey, Dylan, right? It should come in and start right away. You know, when you look at S E s schools They go around and senior bowl and it wasn't too big for him. That was really encouraging. And he's a long, big frame guy. We haven't had almost 66 long arms, so I think he's a guy that could compete right away at right tackle. Okay. We currently have the sailors on the clock. I do want to say to when it comes to Ryan. Tannehill, look into these numbers, okay? As they just drafted to tackle when he is a clean pocket without pressures, Cube ers and 90. That's just behind Aaron Rodgers. That's it right When he's pressured. It fell to 21. That ranked 22nd. He needs a clean pocket. Maybe a zoo much as anybody else. Bart Scott, I'm I'm I don't know. Barn. You said the Washington football team was going to take a quarterback. They took a tackle. Now you're saying it's going to be the Steelers. When are we going to see a quarterback? Go in this small Blacksburg? What is this? Me? Honestly, What does this Nino In terms of the talent gap? We saw a cluster of quarterbacks go within the 1st 10 picks yesterday. We haven't seen a single one taken in the second round. Yet despite there being a real need Let's give Ryan Pace and cow Shanahan credit. Right Pace. Hey, we gotta go up and get Justin Fields Calcium and, hey, we got called to get Trey Lance because there's five and then let's draw a massive lie again. We could talk about Davis bills, and that's easy for us to do that because we're here. Talking about the value, but if you're trying to operate a franchise, this guy played five games and he has a you know, there's some questions about his knee. Kyle Trask. Very good. Throw. The football doesn't really have great mobility, which we know that's not where the game is going. And then Kellen mind someone that's gotten better under coach Fisher. But his accuracy has been a big concern. So l to answer your question. League is agreeing with a lot of Ah lot of people were saying that there was five and draw a line. The reason we kept speculating about the sixth quarterback O in the first round was to get the extra year on the contract. The pick is in Franco Harris at the podium. And let's not forget they need quarterback. They desperately need offensive line health care they need. David Harris. Okay. Alvin Mack Sun goes, we'll see what happens is Franco legendary Steelers running back from the seventies. You know they could. You know what? Though? That was me. They could have given the man an actual terrible towel. He had to swing his little mask around. It looks sad. The pick is Oh, they're going to go with tight end. Wow. The man Friar moves Protege States, Very Mac, Massachusetts. This guy is a really interesting player coming into the year at Penn State. He was gonna be the heir apparent to the next great tight end. Well, before Kyle pits came along, he played behind my Kosecki. He is a big strong Physical athletic tight end. This is a Pittsburgh Steeler. Bruner. Yeah, Bruno Mark cruder is a good comparison. I think this is a really good pick in this part of the draft. Again. I think they should have got an offensive line here. They don't have started like that. But they don't have a left tackle. They don't have a starting center and they haven't agent quarterback so Very interesting pick. I like the player. I'm not so sure This is what I would have done if I was Pittsburgh. Ian, What can you tell us about Pat Fireman Long conversation with his former offensive coordinator, Ricky Ronnie is now the head coach at Old Dominion, he said. That is quote an old school ballplayer loves everything about the game. The preparation, the camaraderie, the teammates, the boys in the room being coached, interacting with fans. Every bit of it these days healthy. He's gonna play 10 to 12 years in the league, then become a coach. He just loves the game loves playing ball. One of my favorite players that I have ever coached at any level in football is on brand for the still is running back soon. As you said old school. I was like on brand for the Steelers, because you think about you know Heath Miller as well, who was been robbed his burger emergency..

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