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I gotta learn how to kick. Now. Now, listen, I'm not saying season one and two are bad. But if you wanna kick it off with a bang season three and four bowl. Every episode is bang bang. Bang bang. It's amazing. I'm rewatching right now. Which is why I know that and the last couple of seasons the most recent seizes the Walking Dead have sucked. And now, I know why. Because I went back and watch these and I'm like man, they're incredible. Now, I go lie angle lie. Y'all know me. Well, we did. Yeah. Me. I don't wanna see what would it. Call to Walking Dead. If aint talking about zombies, or whatever, you know, this one. There is there is, but it's. Gotta watch it. You just gotta watch it for. Yeah. I mean like. Because when I started watching it, there's a friend at work when I was in Texas. He's like y'all watch dead. Just like I do to you, bro. Zombies are stupid. They make no sense. I'm now offering a show. Okay. Okay. Kept begging me finally watch for Sepah. So now is like. Whoa. And I've binged the first three seasons in like two nights for loved it. And I'll never go back so made so. I wish I will try to check it out, man. But also I've been watching like old gangster movies. Yeah. Netflix. Okay now. I caught myself like one o'clock in the morning. Watch scarface. Nice that Netflix. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Check that out. You know, what I watch other night was the the shining. I thought your west of I wanted to check that out. Not scary to me. It was more more creepy more and kind of. I mean, there's a loss of racism in that movie like, and it was like may my skin crawl, man. What about? Yeah. That kid ruined it for me. Because he wasn't a good actor. You know for his time. We'd probably was maybe Jack Nicholson was awesome. But the thing. Okay. Spoiler alert the thing where at the end where he just is in the snow frozen. That's corny. Yeah. Yeah. And so it probably the only thing I didn't like about shine a man because it just ended abruptly like that. And he's just sitting there frozen. Yeah. I didn't. I didn't like that either. But I started watching what it is kill Bill. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Kill bills are classic man. My oh, Quintero Tinos of plastic. I gotta give it up to that. Man. Genius genius. Now, he's coming out with a movie. With Leonardo DiCaprio Brad Pitt was nine Moog ASTA, look it up. But here's the premise. It's in nineteen sixties Hollywood and Leonardo DiCaprio plays a an actor who's trying to continue to get jobs. And he's having trouble Brad Pitts has stopped man. And a hang out all the time. And it's right. It's a precursor to the Manson murders. Really? Yeah. I'm telling you looks pretty cool. And it's Quinn tarintino. But it doesn't look like typical quitter, but but a little bit. So I think it might be one where they win a ton of a war is is probably going to be good. It's probably going to be more accessible for the common man than most Quin tarintino movies. Movies are brutal. To me when territory. No is my Jagel and chained who Jay go entire. Yeah. Isn't that? What's called co Django thought it was Jego? I try where me try me the Karoo plantations came from it to that scene where he's just watching them fight for fun and the the. I nearly not me good for you, man. Yeah. That doesn't mean it does it shouldn't horrify. It don't do it to me. Well, no, no kidding. I'm bushel side to hear what his cO Budo Aroo. I don't know what that is yet laid out this show. Okay. Cool. So what else you got for us jas, boo or net? Flicks. Man. There's a ton of stuff. There's also you got the breakfast club on there. Now, I don't know if people know about that gray eighties movie. But I think there's another thing I'm gonna be doing this holiday season there. And I know you're going to be doing some of this too. Was it gaming up? Yeah. I'm I'm also be gaming and watching the gay games..

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