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For the all won t the electric pickup The car is the truck is basically ready for production and he's now raising the government approval to start delivery says the electric website the ceo agyei scarring says that the latest production units satisfy their safety and quality standards and then are waiting for regulatory approval. got a little letter from him to those early reservation holders. I'll read you a bit of it over the last several months. We've been focused on not only ramping. Production right butts also dining in our quality across five areas stamping body. Paint assembly and propulsion. That's the battery and the drive unit. This challenging process involves multiple build vases ranges of environments during the last year including validation tooling and pilot build vehicles critical. They say to the program with all this. I'm excited to report. That we have started producing vehicles that reflect all of our quality iterations and design refinements. We are currently working with various governing agencies on the final approvals needed site when that government approval comes in then. Hopefully those owners get their vehicles next. We will talk about the volt. The big recall bloomberg has any report on how the relationship with general motors and lg chem which supplies the batteries for the bolts. And you know the volt when they were making it. That relationship has really struggled. And you can understand why. The rash of bolt fires go us. Lesson was he's now ended up in a complete recall of all the vehicles as bloomberg explains by gelatin panic four years later the long distance relationship between gm and eljay is being tested like never before. Who is going to pick up the bill. The one billion dollar tab for the replacements. Gm last week recalled bolts eve as for the third time in nine months and the detroit based company replacing modules in more than seventy three thousand additional vehicles. They won't lg to pay l. g. Six and a half thousand miles away in seoul saying well look. The expenses will be divvied up depending on the results of the investigations and the root cause of the problem. Nobody wants to pay the bill. Both companies taken ahead and the share price is diving. Lg cam closing down. Eleven point one percent today after that. Gm news about the further recall of the bolts lg preparing for an ipo initial public offering for that battery unit. It's the worst possible timing. Three billion dollar recall and the news is worse than the actual numbers because it led to a six billion drop in their market value. It's the biggest intraday percentage loss in like eighteen months for the company. So bad news all around good news for the customers because they're going to get that cost fixed next sister company kia is talking about the new seoul. Av a car with looks that only a mother could love but very practical and with great range announcing changes to the soul. Ev in the uk. They calling it. The max with two x is the max. Now that'd be three. You get the idea pressure. Thirty two four four five so the r.i.p is just under the threshold of thirty five grand. It gets free government money. It'll cost you well. Thirty two four. Four five before any dealer discounts according to most at one dot com. What are you get on the soul. Well seventeen inch alloys. Black leather heated front seats. Led headlights heated steering wheel. Ten point two five inch touchscreen cup play android also Pretty similar spectra. What you get in the narrow on the hyundai kona next ford is doubling the lightning production target on strong prediman orders for the ford f. One fifty and ahead of the twenty twenty two launch of the vehicle. The company plans to spend an additional eight hundred fifty million dollars to meet that targets. Several people have told reuters. Reuters say that the number two. Us omega is now targeting annual production of eighty thousand ford f. one fifties but that's in twenty twenty four and it's doubled by the twenty twenty four plan was going to be forty thousand. Now it's eighty thousand. I think it's gonna go higher. People are really impressed with the vehicle. Industry observers questioning whether individual buys will give up gas-powered pickups for electric models bump commercial customers to buy with that head and all that hot They don't care that they lost five. Trucks have all been folds or not. Look at that number in the bottom. Right hand corner of spreadsheet. Is it cheaper. The driving av truck can if you're buying you know one hundred thousand of them for your fleets. The answer is yes. We'll have electric place following the launch of the second generation lightning in twenty twenty-five target then goes to one hundred and sixty thousand but again. I think you're going to get their way before. Ford mustang is the next four update today production capacity. Could well be one hundred and seventy five thousand vehicles a year if you take that from the battery side. According to clean technica plenty of caveats which they themselves cover. I'll give you the story l. G. is making five thousand. Mac a battery modules a day. There are ten modules h car. So that's five hundred battery packs a day. Five hundred battery packs a day over a year. Take off over a couple of weeks for factory shutdowns and all those kind of things but that would still be one hundred and seventy five thousand. Mac a yeah are they making one hundred seventy five thousand easy you no could they be. Maybe it's possible that the battery production though is being made in spurts battery production could be getting ahead of the vehicle. Production battery production could be for a different vehicle. Maybe they say but probably unlikely but it's always interesting to look at stories like this final fold story today. Customer trials of folds a transit of now begun fold has a customer trial going on right now the transit the all electric transit it launches to customers in spring next year. Ten of these transits are being used in real world scenarios. Delivering the post. They're being used by local utility companies lost mile deliveries and even grocery deliveries that being done in the uk in germany and norway says the energised website. The energy says the trials feature arrange of e transit's variants says the double cab. I mean there's three lengths and three heights. Isn't there of the transit chassis cab versions as well. it's up to four point two five tons and special vehicle conversions as well full gang serious with commercial vehicles right coming up very soon. We'll talk about a vietnamese av company and fiscal raising money. Maybe for the next stick around. We'll talk about that. Although i soon. Now we'll talk about the to any ac the skoda any iv suv their first all electric vehicle based on the platform it's skoda's version of the four or the audi q. Full john that's right the right way around there. Now there's now a range topping version and the most powerful of russian. It's called the eighth x. Sport line more performance all wheel drive the price tag of forty six thousand six hundred ten well until now says also expressed uk. The iv has been available with a single motor setup but the x. Sport line has all wheel drive. Two hundred sixty one brake horsepower. Seventy seven kilowatt hours usable in the pack. They say three hundred and three miles. The sport line will get one hundred twenty five kilowatt. Dc rapid charging capability that pricing of late forties forty six forty seven puts it directly in competition with the all wheel drive version of the ionic five. And when it's on sale next year at least here the ev..

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