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I don't know. But I'll take a serious look at them at number one because man, on paper, it looks good. And when you add to it, that's the other thing. It's Bill selves. It's what the rosters says on paper plus Bill sell. Right. Like, okay, so some of bill's best teams have been two point guard teams, right? Now he's going to have that with dawn Harrison, a Marco Jackson. You get Nick Timberlake, I'm assuming starting next to them. 6 four guard, shot 41.6% from three on 6.7, attempts per game, this past season at Towson. The big question is, okay, does it translate to the big 12? Does it translate to the high major level? We'll see. But on paper, you know, you're adding a quality shooter in Nick Timberlake. And then a KJ Adams hunter Dickinson front court, you got a former McDonald's all American level guy in Ontario Morris coming off the bench and like you noted, they could add McKinsey and bacco. I think if they add McKinsey and baco, then let's go. Now I know. I thank you. Now we're talking we're cooking with gas. If that happens, it's yeah, I'm with you. Yeah. How about this? About the safest team you could put at number one is Kansas. Because they're not going to bomb. They're not going to fall. They're never not good. Literally never not good. So if you're looking for what contender for preseason number one is least likely to make me look silly, the answer is Kansas because they're the most reliable program in America. Keep talking. I'm going to look up something. You're right about there never not good. I just want to check something. So keep rolling. Yeah, so I think the roster as constructed today is worthy of consideration if you were to add McKinsey and baco, I'm probably ready to go there all the way to the top. Oh, it should be noted. Kevin mcculler can still come back and hasn't said that he is isn't. Now, most people seem to be operating under the assumption. He's going to remain in the NBA draft. He is a projected second round pick, but he does have a year of eligibility and he has to this moment. My understanding maintained his college eligibility. So I don't think the numbers work at some point, but if you could bring back my color and add him back, now it's easy. They got to be pre season number one, but I don't think that's a likely scenario. Before we get to let's see, I can't get you. I can't find you. So I'm going to go off the AP, my man. The most disappointing Kansas team, before we get to Dickinson and his stats and his fit overall, I do want to just reference back to what you just mentioned there, because it is interesting. And I do think, especially if they get embargo, there's a strong case. So there's really only been, there's been some march lockdowns. Don't get me wrong, kansans, I'm all too familiar with the fact that you've had plenty of teams seated very highly, not even make the second weekend before. They got broke managed one year. They got ferocious. Number one overall seed. I think when that happened, they were the first number one overall seed to fail to make the sweet 16. If memory serves correct when they got far opened back in, that was 2010, I think. Anyway, so in 2021, they get, they just get side swiped in the second round by USC. They get blitzed. And one of the worst losses of south Korea that lose 85 51, that Kansas team was a three seed. That Kansas team finished 27th at Ken palm, that Kansas team did not win the big 12. In fact, it finished behind Baylor. That was COVID year uneven, but it was 5 losses behind Baylor and the standings going into that season, Kansas didn't receive any first place votes. It was 6 in the AP poll. So I'll say, you know, we could if I really could dive deep on this GPU, I would say you probably had Kansas anywhere from three to 8 preseasons. So that's the only example. And it is a recent example, but it's the only real example of a Kansas team, not living up to pre season expectations in a reasonable way. You know, they were, for Kansas to finish 27th at Ken palm, is the definition of an anomaly. I mean, I'll read you right now in the Bill self era starting most recently. Here we go. Ready. 9 three 27 one 17 9 6 three 12 7 8 four three two 14 one 5 8 1118. All right, it's outrageous consistency. If you follow college basketball, you are extremely aware of how outrageously impressive Bill selves run has been at Kansas. So you are much safer betting with him to if we're going to put him pre season one two three or whatever. They should. When we get one, everything settles, barring, you know, catastrophic injury stuff, or any outside factors that we aren't accounting for here. Like Kansas should finish as a top ten team next season. That's if things don't even go all the way right, right? So I think it has to be top 5. And I think your assessment is reasonable there. Remind listeners and viewers right now, if they have lost track though, where do you have Kansas before you make this adjustment to where are they in your rankings? And who do you have number one as we have curled into the first week of May? Right now, I have Yukon number one that is based on Andre Jackson coming back. If he doesn't, I'll move them, but right now I'm projecting him back. I've got Purdue two, marquette at three, duke it for Florida Atlantic at 5, Alabama at 6. I've already got Kansas at 7 before they add hunter Dickinson. And that projection, I believe, is also from, when did they officially add Nick Timberlake? When did he commit? I want to say that was a couple of weeks ago. I think it might have taken that into account. I've got Kansas at 7 already. So I can, I'll have them in the top 5, and I will seriously consider them for number one. You're not going to, you're not going to look stupid, putting Kansas number one. People might call you stupid when you do it today, but you're not going to look stupid, putting Kansas at one. They're always

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