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When Pablo Coastas funeral was held on April twenty eighth nineteen eighty-seven over a thousand people lined up at the cemetery to pay their respects as agreed vers took their last looks at the fallen druglord Norte annual bands played ballads in his honor. One song went gone is Publico friend of the poor killed by the government in a world that shows. No mercy for people like that Pablo. And many of the locals that always justified his crimes by musing that things could be much worse. If someone else were in control of the drug trade, those suspicions proved to be correct after publiz death his operation kept running under the control of a motto Correo, Flint is a motto shifted his headquarters west to sue dad, Juarez and subsumed the entire north central corridor into the. Guadalajara cartels now nationwide smuggling network soon after that the leader of the Guadalajara cartel McGill on hill. They leaks guy yard oh decided to divide their massive trade into several regional zones. The operation in the north central Chihuahua region. Now controlled by a motto became known as the warez cartel failed leaks guy yard oh intended to oversee the entire operation but his control diminished when he was arrested in April nineteen Eighty-nine by nineteen Ninety-three. The regional cartels had become completely separate organizations. Independent of any central leader. A motto Correo Fuentes now answer to no one. The is cartel ushered in an unprecedented era of corruption in violence in less than ten years. A motto and his associates were responsible for over four hundred murders. It's estimated that he paid over five hundred million US dollars a year for federal protection five hundred times, the figure Pablo had paid to only Naga officials Amato succeeded by learning from Pablo's failures instead of warring with other traffickers, he broker deals with them..

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