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28, Thursday morning November 3rd. I think in whether all the 8s, good morning to rich on her at the WTO P traffic center. Hi, good morning, dean, still picking up the work on the antelope the bellway shed south the river road, now the work zone, they're backed up on to at least an American legion bridge so you should have two lanes to the left now getting by as they continue to clear this work sound, but again, they still have a little ways yet to go, so again, just be wary of some delays there that have built up and watch your speeds, getting into what's left of that work, so headed south of river road toward the legion bridge. But again, you should have two left lanes now getting by what's left of that work. Now add a loop ramp to go west on 66 remains closed by the work zone, you're diverted down route 50 Arlington boulevard, eastbound clearing to work between 28 Centreville and the fairfax county Parkway. Again, they are backing up along the left side, stay right to get by. Then eastbound between nutley street and the beltway looks like they've finally begun to pick up that work, so but again, remember the complication where you start off by getting by single file to left and they switch you over to the right, so there's always that complication when they remove that little switch off in that work zone. So again, expect some delays there as a result. Attention contractors and technicians northeastern supplies opening in belts around the corner from MLK middle school is at northeastern dot com for your plumbing HVAC water systems and PVF needs, rich hundred WTO traffic. Our very mild weather pattern is going to hang around through at least the early parts of next week. It's cloudy this morning with temperatures near 50 and a few drizzle drops in places, but that will not be the case all

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