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See him signed a one year deal like a show me type deal. I'll say give an offer I'm gonna say, oh, and I think he competes with Switzer to be the starting slot receiver. So I'd say no Eljay fort in Ohio. I think you have to give offer at this point. I mean, John Bassett proved that he is not the answer. Not that he ever was supposed to be the answer that kind of to kind of ticks me off the most about him is that so many people painted this picture of him that he's the guy. He's going to be the he's gonna be the guy that's gonna fill those Ryan cheese shoes. No, no. He's not. He's never. He was never that type of player Eljay Ford is closer to that players. I think you gotta give an offer. I don't want him to free agency. But that's just me. I think four will get an offer. Because I think that's just we're there at at that position which. Means they're not in a very good place. You would think almost teams that had better inside linebackers. Fort would be a guy that would be expendable. I think for them. He is. So he will get an offer. Well, he he didn't insurance policy. That's absolutely. Yeah. I'm not sure if I'm gonna pronounce the last night wrong, Nate berry safety bear. He is. He's no offer. They signed up from the giants. He was in my opinion, pretty much useless. So if you're amongst the bear, he fateful, I apologize. But. Impair Lee played as he played only three point one snaps, and he tore his pectoral muscle, which is major injury. So who knows what he would even be like coming back next year? So yeah, no offer. Let me let me let me group. Some of these guys they can get through this list quicker. Stephan. Ridley Justin hunter and Daniel mccullers. No, I agree. No. No. No. No. No. No, no. No, no, no. No. No. No, no, heavy. You know, the funny thing is mccullers. I don't know what kind of dirt he has on Colbert Tomlin or Rooney. This guy has found a way to stay. Stick around since he was drafted in his never played well ever every they signed him to a one year deal everyone. I feel like if you were to rewind the tape. Go back to the same exact episode last year, we would be saying that there's no way colors as back and they signed into a one year deal. I don't know, man. The garden looking at snap count. Many played eleven percent of the defensive snaps when I mean, I did want to gain early games. Maybe he was that guy that was standing straight up not moving that. That was him. Remember early on? They were trying to run him out with the sub packages helps off the run. He was getting stood up was ineffective. And then he said. He is living definition of what they call football Titi fighting. He's on skates every single. That's on ice games. You call that guy. That's a that's a folder for sure. Let's run through these next three areas. Hayward bay, Cody Sensabaugh, Jordan, Barry. Hello. I'm Spencer home from Espy nation. And I wanna tell you about my new show. It seems smart. It's smart as a show about people doing things that for some reason or another seem smart at the time. Those things might include doing a little cocaine and driving a bike up mountain or I don't know maybe racing one hundred miles per hour across the country in the middle of the night with no one's permission or even stealing a bat from an Pires room in a major league baseball park. Check it out. And if you like it Tele friend, I'm Spencer hall. Don't do anything smart. Who berry? You know, my feelings on him. No offer. You can find a punt veteran. I still believe.

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