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From the wtmj breaking news center i'm barry nelson charges will not be filed against a man who shot and killed an attempted robbery outside his workplace last month the district attorney says twenty one year old carlos martin was trying to steal the twenty four year old victims car in the parking lot of milwaukee machine tool corporation around six in the morning the da says the shooter who has a concealed carry permit was defending himself and therefore won't be charged milwaukee argument jose perez hosting a listening session tuesday night about the closing of a social security office at seventh and west historic mitchell street the government is citing maintenance and security concerns for the closing but peres says based on the numbers crime is worse than your other offices he says the closing will create a huge void for the nearby elderly and disabled residents they're angry and there'd be wilder of the reason why and we can't figure out valid reason for leaving the office serves twenty two hundred people and is expected to close tomorrow it's a challenge for arenas around the country how do you get more activity from mid april through early september uw milwaukee panther arena is no different that's a tough one that all building station one that will certainly work on wisconsin senator district mardi brooks tells wisconsin's afternoon news at the facility is busy season october through early april it's used quite frequently and i i really put the frequency of that building against other bradley center in any other arena however brooks says the primary focus will be getting more activity out of the miller highlight theater melissa barklay wtmj news as bypass construction in waukesha county continues the project to connect i ninety four to highway fifty nine has one family upset bob johnson's family has owned the same farmland in waukesha county for the past eighty five years the new bypass will split that land into two sections johnson says they tried to fight the construction there's ninety crying about it you're not going to do anything about it we dried we did all we could i felt so that's the way it stands the county will be placing crossing on the.

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