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Screen you know there are these moments are become there is still no body judge doesn't of Rafah high enough for that to become distilled in the in the public memory but that's brutal when you know when you're there and I don't know if you've ever done stand up at all but it you to stand up in front of a live audience so down you know you lose as something that you think the all the rage is just hilarious and they stare at you as if what languages and speaking yeah it is a horrible of reminded my from my end embarked on a stand up career we went he was in the it was in the sea a camera club of autos comedy clubs in the city and he started off and on for the first like two minutes not a single chuckle I thought oh my god I was so I felt so bad form and then finally just he hit his stride and he got a few laughs and then boom you know there's the first two or three minutes of nervous filling out by the end of the ten minute schtick he was had a role males so through story artists and nineteen seventy six the bicentennial I was asked it was the gradual folks asked me to come in and see this big event Joey how that Dan and Bob Hope and Ray Charles is huge event they had of what was then called the Civic Center the only caveat was that I had were a sparkle Sam suit and the second cabinet was I could not be funny others said by what your final trip before the war but Bob Dole was hired to be funny and they say don't do funny Mr hopes contract but that nobody else can do humor except him right well I got up there and they said it's really easy just introduced a bill will crowd the next act comes on that's not the way to work it was a rich Charles came on and they played yeah and then there's a whole new band set up for Joey Heatherton of the young Americans were there's a big to do my chores feeling like twenty five any gaps between between acts and finally I said you know look I've I run out of things to say I've introduced all of you to each other and I'm now beginning to wonder if they take back a rented suit of those saturated and perspiration and I didn't mean that as anything other than just the music and the audience just fathers alert right then I thought I've just cost myself my feet I might as well have fun during the Bob Hope say anything to you no he did not okay he got out for like the first five minutes because they're not funny yeah no I did the same jokes that he then turned rocket did I thought I'm getting out of here you know I've done Chuck Chuck usually stand up on cruises cruise ships and then they told Roosevelt just twenty you're listening to morning drive with Casey and Elliot all right talk radio six eighty WBM are personally here with you from now until nine o'clock this morning yes dear colors back Hey all you guys know the Perry hall heating an error has an awful lot of reasons for you to call them right now for heating and air has another reason just in time for the cooler weather Perry hall hit theaters offering replacement systems that receive up to twenty four hundred dollars in combined manufacture into totally rebates make no mistake here the systems that are part of this promotion of summons for inferior brand new never heard of all of their competitors are gonna do this they get a sub standard system one that is not quite as good but gives our guys working and that's from the object the system you're going to get.

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