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The church market get building died. 55 year old sergeant Gilbert Bobby Polanco died due to complications from Kobe. 19 Pain, says San Quentin has recently established field hospitals inside the prison in order to reduce the strain on outside medical institutions. Three separate class action lawsuits were also filed in federal court on behalf of prisoners throughout the CDC, our prison system, but those legal actions have yielded little result, according to co litigator Michael Bean. He says the first goal of those lawsuits is too thin. The prison population which is still currently over 100% capacity across all state prisons. 72%. Other people have died today. I have been people of color. Interestingly, something that we've been pointing out to the courts to CCR. 72% of also then people with disabilities, people, serious mental illness or people of other idea recognised disabilities. Again. These tends to be the same people who also have preexisting medical traditions being says the average age of people dying of Kobe, 19 in prison is 60 for. He also says that of the 6500 medically vulnerable prisoners Governor Gavin Newsom had slated for early release back in April on Lee, eight have been released. I'm Chris Lee reporting for KPFK. Civil rights attorneys allege that although about 1900 covert 19 test kits were sent to the Immigrant detention center in Avalon Toe. California. Immigration and Customs enforcement officials refused to allow the vast majority of that. Them to be used. KPFK radios Dan Fritz reports from Los Angeles. The O U, says the refusal to give tests to people who are symptomatic of the virus infection is medically. And morally repugnant. Previous order to follow CDC guidelines was issued on April 23rd as part of a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit concerning conditions at all Toronto during the discovery phase of the lawsuit, the U says emails and other materials revealed substantial violations of the CDC guidelines. Including on covert 19 testing. The filing says that on May 23rd an official with the private company Geo Group, which operates the Atlanta Center on Contract sent a message that about 1900 test kits. Enough to test all people detained and staff members at Toronto were shipped overnight to the facility is here. You alleges Geo planned to begin offering testing toe all staff in all detainees. On the day the test kits arrived, but ice halted the plan..

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