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You know the the cato boys were unders they would on deer and the new orleans. They weren't from new orleans over from monroe louisiana. I can never forget these motherfuckers. And they weren't into shooting so sometimes who played football. Take our guns afterward and go in behind snowmass like that was just acres and acres that you could drive in deserted roads and we just sat up targets all of us would shoot shotguns and he would should let me shoot shotgun. I would shoot his double barrel he would let me shoot like what some is pretty interesting. It was just a bunch a young guys and we were having a fucking blast. Nobody was fighting. There was no sex. Nobody was fucking. Nobody else will galvin's it was just kids having a good time. And then this fucking saturday night. This happens at this fucking jerk off all right so we've forget all about it. We got up the next day we play football and we go shooting so we got guns list but instead of going back to louisiana that day we will get fish and we're going to grill him on the on the grill up by the crestwood by the employee housing. And we're all going to hang over that we've been. I think it was mentioned. What time about what happened the night before that. Fuck in the cau- knocked that doug's friend. Nobody really got into it. So offset by the jacuzzi. We got guns in our bags. You know my guns like the call like i was. I was with somebody else. What a car. I like to say was my robot but i'm not sure and all of a sudden four cars pull up and it's doug dude with the fucking turban that that car had knocked back. The reason why. I said he went down. Like thomson gore's because he had a broken on through eleven on his elbows out mapping but he had a broken arm he came the guy he didn't have nothing the guy the dog and all his friends had sticks and shit walking. Sticks in shit and fucking. They're like well. Fuck us all up blah blah blah blah blah blah. and then. Vince came and we have like ten people in the house. All the new orleans kids were there. And half of the mankato so we are just rose and we wanna fuck and fight mother. Fucker will fuck and fight. Vince goes. I don't know what this is about. All i know is that last night i witnessed you. Try to bully my brother and my brother knock you the fuck out fuck you up and now you've got the balls to come back here and stop welcome problems. Look what we have here. The you really wanna fuck do this or do you just wanna bang out whether one guy bomb brother and i just want to crack at your fucking brother and call those fuck. It looks it. I don't give a fuck his older his younger brother. I don't give a fuck out. I'm not you out the same way. I knocked out your up and brother. I'm sydney holy shit. And we got guns to. They don't know we got guns. But the new orleans boys they weren't scared fucking pulling them pestle. So i'm like this is gonna get fucking ugly. The guy comes out car gets out of the fuck jacuzzi wrestle for a little while call gets on top pounds and ten times. We pick them up. It's all about the shop right so when all this was going down i was kinda yelling. Like i'm like this ain't gonna happen. I go what should happen here. Doug dougie doug was line. I was never too crazy about. Let's get this out of the way. I like doug and doug was one of those guys that you just. He was an acquaintance. But when everything was going down there. We're going to beat carl up. You're not gonna hit caller on me. And i got vocal with doug doug. You got some pair. Ball's coming up with these fucking guys. that's disrespectful. This is all fucking thing. You came up last night started trouble. And you're gonna come back today and start more fucking trouble. And he's like you know what man maybe we should put off up loves on. I never liked the yankees too much anyway. And i'm like let's fucking bitch you know. And before we got down they broke us. Up and the fucking. Nah we're going to be cool. Crowd over beat the kid up. So vince caps. Ain't got beat up but what what's next. We beat up your grandfather. You know like like you're really got beat up. You know so second in the fucking car and get the fuck out a little argument. It was like twenty minutes argument and we all went our separate ways. But doug kept saying y'all new york i'm going to be looking for you and i kept saying whenever you want to pitch right you know. I was louis gad. He had me by five years. You know whatever. I had never been in that position. I'm a little skit. i go home. i don't think about it. December come january. Comes i come to new york. I fucking end up homeless. I'm here eighteen months. I go to fuck in boulder. I'm bouldering eighty five. I'm at up in san francisco and now finally november of eighty six. This is three years from the time. With the fucking karma. I go back up to snowmass village i hook up with vance and call them open up with the boys and we're doing our thing and one day i the blue. What the fuck happened. The doug and they're like doug you mean shotgun doug i dunno doug the guy that came up that day and call smacked this friend around though like you have no idea what happened with this fucking idiot. He's getting high with a girl when they're doing coke at a hotel in snowmass and he was what i never got high with him but supposedly he was one of those creepy guys when you got high with him. I never got at all at that time. I was doing coke. I wasn't doing coke with them. Nobody really my circle new. I did coke. I kept the secrets like a robbery but he so they would never think it was made. So i go. Yeah shock doug i guess they call them shocked undug the one that fucking call knocked down. It goes motherfucker. Was doing coke with a girl one night and for you fat check is that you find everything. Please find this. Find this posted. When i did the The ryan sicko podcasts. I told the story about the guy that shot before kids and somebody found the article from and boulder and michael bell article. Please find this article about shotgun. Doug snowmass village eighty five. So he's getting i with a girl. Alright the girl gets up goes to the bathroom. While he got up and went to the bathroom we came back. He said there was more coke there than what there was. It was like five in the morning. And he's.

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