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The fourday wbz accuweather forecast with patchy clouds overnight low thirty two downtown it'll be in the lower 20s though across from inland sub birds on friday some sun will be followed by clouds high forty one cloudy on friday night the low thirty saturday cloudy and cold snow likely from late morning on this last into saturday night and accumulate an average of one to three inches high thirty six however rain will be vicks again along the south coast in cape were there will be little or no accumulation clouds will linger later saturday night low thirty two sunday brisk and cold clouds occasional saen a snow shower high thirty seven although accu weather real feel temperatures will be in a teens and twenty his arm accuweather meteorologist car within ski wbz newsradio 1030 i'm not in these under ez zor sebastian public school students will soon be able to get a little more shuttle i before heading off to class more than ninety four percent of the city students in grades seven through twelve will begin their days at or after eight am starting in september officials say it reflects growing research supporting later morning starts for teens hundreds of serious injuries to children went undetected by the department of children and families during the first two years of a major reform effort at the agency wbz's lanta jones tells us that's the finding of a report from the state auditor that is getting a lot of push back from the baker administration authorises and bump says it uncovered two hundred sixty cases of serious injury to children in 2014 and fifteen that were not known dcf she says a simple check with the mass health at data based on children in their care would revealed everything from burns and gunshot wounds to attempted suicide i can't frankly understand how it is that they can justify the air willing ignorance of this information statements from the dc dcf and the governor's office note that the audit was done just months after the reform efforts began to get underway a spokeswoman for the governor says they continue to work closely with the agency at the state house lana jones wbz newsradio 1030 in sports the bruins over the cairo to use 6to1 dahaf wbz newsradio.

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