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At you Mr Mrs America somebody has a better idea let's hear it now I don't know what they're waiting for I'll be right back this is a commercial announcement soon the Senate will decide if president trump should be removed from office now newsmax is conducting an urgent poll asking if president trump should be removed president trump needs your vote just text on your cell phone the word rock to nine five five seven seven that's rock tonight five five seven seven and you can vote in news Max's poll newsmax polls have been cited by all the major media so let your voice be heard take the newsmax pole text the word rock to nine five five seven seven and vote now text and data rates may apply Hey if you heard that ransomware attacks have increased by five hundred percent this year yes I per criminals are targeting all types of businesses encrypting their data and holding hostage unless they pay up and what if we're their next victim don't worry we have barracuda to detect prevent and recover from ransomware and other advanced threats so were secured absolutely will pay no ransom and keep this business up and running that's a relief protect your business at barracuda dot com barracuda your journey secured president trump has tweeted that he holds a Ron responsible for today's attack on the U. S. embassy in Iraq as protesters tried to break into the compound in Baghdad correspondent Caitlyn calling president trump has also spoken to prime minister Barak and according to the White House the two of them discussed regional security issues and president trump emphasized the need to protect United States personnel and facilities in Iraq but it's still to be determined if this gets escalated even further or if things start to tamp down after this six suspected gang members have been arrested in the shooting deaths last month of four men attending a backyard party and Fresno California Fresno police chief and the hall says investigators have been gathering evidence of thirteen firearms were recovered during the search warrants and one of the firearms recovering the search warrant was confirmed to me the second murder weapon eight forty caliber Glock semiautomatic pistol on Wall Street the Dow closed up seventy six I mean can it's time to check the roads in that Kate on traffic center this jacket traffic sponsored by indeed dot com yeah it's new year's eve that means Las Vegas Boulevard is shut down both directions between Russell and say era that's also affecting the offramp fifteen both directions.

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