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Is a good. Thank you for that. I am off tomorrow. I am corona virus. You got a very planned very big day. Plant makes you should be a guest model. A call come on record it tonight right Emerald during one of your prerecorded segments and then you can run tomorrow night. So tomorrow. Who's filling in the Lindsay would decide. Well Ramona said I probably can keep me an hour or so to arrange. What else does she have going? You have going. You're blowing off your own show. I've been doing this for six weeks. I just need a mental health day. I've run out of things to say. Every other hosts on the station is working. I've just you know. I think that I would not be surprised if you see that. Couple gay up day or so hero and that you know what I mean like I feel I feel like doing right. Now is incredibly difficult to be sports talk show host and have no life sports going on and come up with all the stuff that you guys come up with every day and I commend you and I think he is doing an excellent job. I actually kind of like told me yesterday. I A little chippy. And what you're doing is harming. Maybe maybe needed to take a mental health day. Take data just Kinda relaxed a little bit. Yeah Lindsey suggested this and I I am taking. She's the producer so I have to do it. She's our producer very exciting. I wanted to mention before I go. If you are a better call Saul Fan Just posted the interview with Ria racy Horn. Who Plays Kim Wexler? It's fantastic actually on there right now. There are interviews with Michael Mando. Who Plays Nacho Varga with Tony? New Place Lala Salamanca and with Ray seahorn. Who Plays Kim? Wexler all really really good stuff. If you're a fan of the show really good. Listen all right. John I wish you well tomorrow within wherever it happens to be here good to know? You're deeply concerned. I am deeply concerned. I think we're going with Vermont as long as alarm goes off okay. Slee is next much of it. Is prerecorded probably already on podcast. Podcast talk your March seven. We'll record something coming up. Next is Leila back tomorrow fifty five except for me seven ten ESPN..

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