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Ross wanted out. Ross responded to a report of a bangle source suggesting he wasn't sure Ross still like football. Ross tweeted trade me if this is how you all feel. I'm healthy and eager to play former first round pick is listed as doubtful this week with an unspecified illness. Trade deadline is Tuesday, Giants running back say Quan Barclay underwent surgery and his torn A C L Today, Barclays mother, Tanya Johnson posted on Instagram that surgery was a success. Drew Brees won't have his full complement of weapons when he heads to Chicago this weekend. Michael Thomas is out with a hamstring issue. So is Marquez Calloway because of an ankle injury. Emanuel Sanders, meanwhile, remains on the reserve Kobe 19 list. General Adams practiced for the Seahawks today, something Pete Carroll called a very good sign. Adams is officially questionable, so it's burning back Chris Carson Carlos Hyde is doubtful. A number of options declined across Major League Baseball most ominous for free agents. The Indians turned down closer brand hands $10 million option. They placed him on outright waivers and no other team picked up hand Either. Rangers aren't picking up Cory Clubbers option. He pitched just one inning for them. After being acquired from the Indians last off season, The Cubs declined. Jon Lester's option. The White Sox decline options for Edwin Encarnacion, Sione NGO Gonzalez. The Rays turned down Charlie Morton a mic So Nino's options and the Brewers didn't pick up options. On infielder Jan Jerko Eric Sogard, an outfielder Pan Gamble the Tigers introduced a J. Hinch is their newest manager and apologized again for his role in the Astro sign stealing scandal. He also tried to turn the page. As I.

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